What is vLogging and How to Start a vLog?

What is vLogging Exactly?

A video blog or a video blog often shortened as “vLog” is the type of blogging in which video is the medium. What is vLogging and how to start a vLog is our focus in this article? Unlike a blog, all the content in a vLog is in video form except for the description and title. It consists posting a video of yourself or of a certain event to your vLog channel on the internet.

What is vLogging Exactly?

In early ages, vLogs were often termed as podcasts, a term which was used to refer to both audio and video blog posts, thus a vLog is sometimes also called a videocast or vodcast.

How to start a vLog:

Before you start a vLog certain things should be taken into consideration to clear your mind.

Why are You vLogging?

What is the reason behind your vLog? Is it because you are bored? Or you have some spare time? It is because you want to gain some money or get fame? Or because you simply love it? Clear this in your mind and note it on a paper.

What Will You vLog About:

Next thing to consider is the topic on which you will vLog. What things do you love and what are your hobbies, it could be anything all you have to do is think and be more specific and relevant.

Are You well Equipped?

How well equipped are you to start this vLog? Do you have a proper high-quality camera? Do you also have a setup, a place where you can vLog and how are you going to vLog?

What am I trying to do with My Channel? Plans?

Before you start a vLog you need to know where you are taking your channel, what are you going to post on it and what will be the duration, what are your plans to keep it going and how much time are you going to invest in it? Do you know enough to start and what are your plans regarding growing your traffic? Where do you see yourself in one month and how will the progress go every day. Think about all this, write it on a sheet of paper and set targets for yourself. Make them short termed and then upon reaching them plan the long-term targets.

Step By Step Guide On How to Start a vLog


Step By Step Guide On How to Start a vLog:

Now that you have thought about all this, you are good to start your own vLogging channel. Here is a step by step detailed guide that we came up with purely to help you start with the whole vLog game. This guide will answer all the confusions that you have in your mind regarding vLogging and give you a push to start your vLogging career today.


Now that you are starting a vLog. Pick up a piece of paper and start thinking and writing about certain things that you need to make clear before you start your channel.

What is the reason behind you vLogging? How much time will you invest in it? What are your promotion strategies? Your long-term plans etc. all this counts in.

Pick Up A Good Channel Name:

Pick up a good and fun channel or vLog name which you will be posting your content on. It can be professional as well, people also prefer their own names so think about what you want to do.

Your vLogging Format:

Be sure about your vLogging format. Are you going to move around a lot in the video and go to different places or just sit in one place and vLog.

Practice On How To vLog:

Pick up a camera or sit in front of a mirror and practice on how to vLog, change different angles and locations and see what works the best for you. You also need to be in good clothing and also have a unique yet fun personality that is appealing and engaging, also be friendly and kind.

Practice on your voice as well, how does it sound and in what way do you want it to be?

Look in front of the camera lens as if they were someone’s eyes and pretend to talk to your viewers. Looking at the lens automatically enables you to engage with the viewer.

Get A Clear Background And A Place in More lightening:

A clear and a good background is also necessary to create a good image of your vLog. Whether you like it white or colored, casual or decorated with fairy lights it’s all up to you. Just make sure it is clean and appealing to the viewer so that a good impression is made.

Film A “Test” vLog:

Now film a test vLog with all the progress and practice that you have made. After you film it, check how it is. Show it around to a bunch of people and consider their opinion.

Choose A Good Quality Camera:

Now choose a good quality camera with low light sensors and a wider aperture to cover the background as you vLog. A good quality camera is a necessity for your vLog and below we have explained exactly why.


Choose A Video Editing Software:

Choose a free video editing software since it is the start which does all the basic job for you like cropping, cutting, adding filters, changing voices etc. We recommend you use Showbox.

Choose A Platform:

Now select a site on which you are going to posting your vLogs, people often prefer youtube because its basic and you have a lot of crowd and viewers on it but you can also choose other platforms, just be sure they fulfill the reason why you are vLogging.

You can also vLog via Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram, Vimeo etc.

Decide a Niche:

As discussed earlier, Be sure of the niche that you are going to work on and stick to it, it should be something you love, make a list of those things and then check the competition on each keyword. The one with low competition and high searches is your target vLogging niche.

Decide Upon Your Audience:

Be sure about the audience, their age and how to approach them. E.g target audience for makeup artists are women and girls. What type of people fits into your niche?



Viola, you are now ready to shoot. Keep all the tips that we recommended you in your mind and you are good to go from our side.

Post a Few Videos:

Post a few videos before you start promoting to give viewers and your new subscribers a variety.

Create a Schedule:

Create a proper schedule, make it public on all your social media platforms and strictly follow it. You may need to make more videos in the start as compared to later.

Plan For The Future:

You need to be sure of your plans for the future and also know where your channel is gonna go, set targets and work on achieving them in order to attain a big number of viewers and subscribers.

Be Patient:

Lastly, have patience as vLogging is no piece of cake and it takes a lot of time to get constant positive results. Just remember to be consistent and regular, keep the game strong and work on different strategies, time and hard work are both important factors here. Good luck!


How to Manage/ Promote Your vLog:

Now that you know everything about high-quality vLogging it’s time you learn how to manage your vLog and keep it going in the long run.

Until and unless people do not see you out there, it is impossible to be known no matter how many high-quality vLogs you make. Fortunately, you can speed up the growth of your channel via different promotions.

About managing your vLog, with growth things get harder, however, if you have things under control from the start things are manageable in the long run.


Create Social Media Platforms:

Now that you have a vLog, look for ways to promote it, an effective way is to create different accounts or handles on various social media sites like facebook, twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram etc

Once you have done that, start by posting content and gaining followers, give a clear message of who you are in Bio so people know you. Also, include you vLog link in your bio so people can easily reach you.

Be Consistent on All Your Social Media Platforms:

After creating handles, it is very much important to stay consistent every day on all social media platforms daily in order to gain your viewers attention and stay in their mind until you have a place.

Post at least 5 times a day about random things sharing random tips, pictures or bits of advice regarding your niche and you will be amazed by the outcome, but in the start, the struggle is real so be patient and do everything you can to grow traffic on your handles so people can come and visit your vLog.

Create a Proper Schedule For Videos:

Create a proper schedule, a proper timing and a proper day for your videos will not only help you pre-plan but also let your viewers look forward to something special.

Make a proper schedule for each of your video and a timing for release, also lost about it on your handles so people can come and watch you.

Get Involved With Your Viewers:

Another great way to promote your vLog is to win in the heart of your viewers by getting friendly and involved with them, talk to them in your vLogs, ask them about their opinions and answer them.

Most importantly respond them, give a reply to their comments and show them the love they deserve.

Create a Logo For Your Channel:

Creating a logo for your channel will help in making it look professional but also add a depth and a feeling of high quality and class thus causing it to impress and attract people.

vLog Title Matters:

Give your vLog a title that is appealing to the viewers and at the same time catchy and attractive, add up the main thing about the vLog in it.

The title of your vLog matters a lot as it is the first step to attracting a viewer. 80% of the impression in a vLog is made by thumbnail and title.

Video Description:

Add up something interesting and fun about your vLog and what it contains in the vLog description. Also, add the phrase which you want should appear in the search engine. Make sure you don’t end up adding a lot of phrases in the description and make it look spammy and unattractive, keep it simple and clean.

Backlink Your Videos:

Another great way to promote your vLog is to add backlinks of your vLog in certain sites that relate to your niche hence causing people to click it and come to your vLog.

A backlink is created by posting a link to your vLog or video in a site of the concerned niche, where you can get views from. Backlinks create a powerful illusion and also cause you to get increased views on your vLog video.

Create A Blog:

Create a blog and start writing short articles related to your videos and post them in your articles. This will not only make you a blogger with time but also get you followers on your vLog channel and views on your blog. Voila!

Create An Email List:

Creating an email list and forwarding people weekly messages regarding the updates on your vLog will cause an audience to come and watch your videos in case they have missed.

Be sure not to send too many emails as it may cause your subscribers to get annoyed and unsubscribe!

Commenting on Other Videos:

Another great way towards promoting your vLogging channel is to comment the videos on other vLoggers, in turn, they will come to your vLog, watch your videos and comment as well. You can also do the same thing in different blogs of the concerned niche to cause bloggers to come to your vlog and end up watching your videos.

Custom Thumbnails:

 Custom, yet quality thumbnails are another way to increase views and grow traffic on your vLog. A thumbnail should be attractive and fun and be appealing to the viewer.

Collaborations Make Things Perfect:

You can also collaborate with different YouTubers around you to gain views and promote your channel. People will not only adore you, they will also enjoy a vLog of two YouTubers but also recognize you and come to your channel.


Extra Tips on vLogging:

So now that you know so much about vLogging, let’s get a few tips that you should keep in your pocket about vLogging. You will be ahead of the game if you keep and follow these tips.

Extra Tips on vLogging

  • Look into the Lens as You Speak:

While speaking in front of the camera, imagine you are talking to a close friend and looking right into their eyes (lens), this will increase your engagement with the viewers and you will thus gain followers. It will also help you avoid those unwanted shots.

  • Film Extra Footage:

By creating an extra footage of things you will be able to handle your video in a much better way, let’s say if you have captured a shot that you don’t like, you can always select from the extra footage that you captured. Like, say you’re curling your hair, the extra footage will not only give you an access to make a perfect time-lapse so viewers won’t be left in doubt, it will also let you choose from the same moment in case you don’t like the one you actually meant to add. You can also switch sides and do different poses to see which one is better with the extra time and later edit the video.

  • Make Your Voice Perfect:

Before you sit in front of the camera and go live, You need to practice on your voice first. Speak normally in front of the lens and see how it goes, then speak in a slower yet more emphasized tone and see how that works for you. Likewise, you can practice other voices and later decide which one works the best for you.

A clear voice matters a lot more than you think it can

  • Have a Good And Clean Background:

Your background should always be clean and better so that you stand out, some people prefer whiter backgrounds so people are more drawn towards them, others add a little sparkle to the back, some like it normal and casual, whatever the case may be, always make sure you have a clean and a background worth filming.

  • Good Lightening:

Good lightening matters a lot, blur lightning creates a lot of disturbance and causes the viewer to go away. Good lighting also highlights your features and makes you look good, it also increases the video quality. Always have something set behind the camera for extra light in case there is no natural light.

  • Let Yourself Shine As You vLog:

Know that your personality is the only thing that will set you apart from all other people in the viewer’s eyes since there are so many videos to choose from. It is thus necessary to have a confident yet attractive and fun personality. More importantly, be who you are.

  • Create A Known- Schedule For vLogging:

Consistency is the key to a successful vLog. Never forget that.

Creating a known schedule for videos makes it so much easier for people to come up to your channel and watch you, however, you also need to remind them using your social media accounts everytime you post a new video.

Let everyone know when your next video is going to be released e.g “New video every Thursday” or “catch me every Friday” and also give them a reminder as a follow-up, you will gain more viewers.


  • It’s Okay If you Mess Up:

Lastly, its okay if you mess up honey because we all do and the start is always the hardest part. Things become much better afterward with practice. Take a deep breath, relax and just pick up from you last left, try again in a much better way this time and you can cut the crappy part in editing later on.

  • Be Patient:
Growth is always the hardest part. Getting people to notice you takes time and that is why you should be patient and never stop making videos because one day, you too will shine, until then, be patient.

Why is a Good Camera Necessary For A Successful vLog:

Why is a Good Camera Necessary For A Successful vLog

  • To Grow Subscribers:

To have a good quality camera is to have a large number of subscribers, simply because the video, even if not so good sounds a lot better and of high quality, people will naturally be attracted to it. So if you have a good quality video, you get more viewers hence increasing your chances of growing subscribers.

  • Get More Views:

Videos on a high-quality camera will have a good quality and a lot of lightening thus creating a clear and a better image. Tell me who will not be attracted to a better-looking video.

  • Stand Out From The Crowd:

Videos captured on a high-quality camera will naturally be much defined and sharper thus causing them to stand out and look unique among hundreds of other videos in the same niche.

  • Avoid Low Light Conditions:

A good camera has sensors to minimize low light conditions thus giving you a much brighter image even in darkest conditions. vLog anywhere irrespective of the timings without having to worry.

  • Wide Angle Lens:

High-quality cameras have a high aperture mostly 1.8 for 50mm lens, which means the wider the aperture the better the shot. Wide angle lens will make sure you really stand out and give your video and background a classy and a better touch.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Microphone:

Camera with a high quality has built in WIFI connectors to help you post whenever you like without having to worry about the internet settings unless of course, you are up for editing.

You also do not need inputs like microphone etc to enhance your voice and make it clearer since many vLoggers have this problem. These cameras have a built-in microphone hence making vLogging easy and worry free for you.

  • Look Better, Feel Better, Act Confident :

A good camera will naturally make you look better and enhance all those features on your face whether in daytime or at night hence causing you to feel a lot better about yourself.

Now trust me when you feel that you look better and much beautiful, you will automatically act much better and confident which will add a spark to your videos, a spark that viewers look forward to and is not present in every video that they come across on different vLogging platforms.

Conclusion: We hope that you found our article informative and learned a great deal from it and that we have effectively answered you questions that what is vLogging and how to start a vLog? vLogging is a journey of patience and consistency and it requires a lot of effort and time. The information that is shared here in our article “What is vLogging and How to start a vLog” is collected from the most authentic sources, out experience and the best practices. Although we cannot say this will make you a star in a day but we guarantee that our vLogging tips will give you a great start and a sustainable future. Let us know if you have any questions in mind and we’d be more than happy Before you leave let us tell you that for your successful vLogging career we have reviewed the best vLogging cameras to help you get a running start. Do check our best YouTube vLogging cameras guides as well.

Thanking You for your precious time and Happy vLogging.