How to Play Ping Pong?

How to Play Ping Pong?

I mean c’mon, who does not know Ping pong (also called table tennis), is a type of indoor game involving two or four people and can be played by everyone whether professionals, beginners, hobbyists for leisure or as a professional sport. Whatever the case maybe it is one of the many games you can enjoy and can be easily played, the fun part is that even the beginners can become highly skilled players in no time. In this article, we will show you how to play ping pong? with full details. Let’s dig in!!

Ping Pong Playing GuideYou want to start by finding out someone to play with. Someone who is of your level or a little higher so you both can have a fun time playing and also enjoy playing the game. You can get to play with a professional as long as they are not aggressively competitive since it won’t be that fun since the competition level will be too high. In the start, it is better to play “singles” that is one by one meaning that only two persons can play it, after that you can go for “doubles” involving two sets of people. It is slightly complex than the normal one.

You also need access to a full set up of ping pong balls, paddles, and a full court. Though in the very start practicing with the wall is a better option to attain some experience.

Learning how to play ping pong? is quite simple. You may also want to start practicing with ping pong balls that are orange and white in color and not too heavy or light, lighter balls are harder to handle, standard ping pong balls are what you need!!

Know how to hold the paddle, two different types of gripping styles are commonly used; one is pen grip method and another is the shake hand method. With the pen grip method, you hold the paddle as if you are holding a pen, with the shake hand method you usually hold your paddle as if you are shaking hands with someone.

Regardless of how you hold the paddle, it is necessary for you to know that your wrist should be free to move and the paddle should be held loosely in it to allow stretching and avoid getting hurt. The main thing is being comfortable with holding the paddle.


How to Play The Game:

How to Serve in Ping Pong?Start the game by lot; you can flip a coin to know who plays first, the winner gets to choose whether they want to serve first or on which side they want to stand.

The table tennis ball should be tossed out vertically in a distance of 16cm and should be hit with the paddle in such a way that it taps once on your side and then goes over the net and hits the opponent’s side.

In case you’re playing singles, the server can serve any point to the opponent’s side of the table, and the opponent will return it. Looking for the best ping pong table?

In case you are playing doubles, the serve is rotated between the person and the partner, starting with the person on the right, the ball must bounce first in the right half of the side of the table and then must be delivered across the court to your opponent’s side.

The serve switches sides every two points. After two points are awarded, the opponent, in doubles, the person on the opposing team who is cross-court from the server gets to serve. After two points are awarded, the original server (in doubles, the partner) then serves.

If the ball hits the net, the service is repeated by the person.

The game is won by a margin of 2 points; total points are 11 after which the game ends. Three games are played after which one of the persons is considered a winner.

Well, guys, this was all about the guide on how to play ping pong? or how to play table tennis? We hope that you found our article motivating and grasped the information you needed from it. If there is anything on your mind let us know in the comments bar below, we would be glad to help, until next time, Adios!