How to Play Basketball?

Well, everybody knows that the topmost entertaining, challenging, and exciting sport in the world is the Basketball. People do take this sport seriously and yes it is exciting as well. But each and every game has its own basics to play. Same does the Basketball. If you want to be a basketball player, all you need to learn is the basic rules and the fundamental skills that are necessary to play well. Let’s talk about How to Play Basketball? If you want the best balls to play basketball with do Head over to Best indoor basketballs review.

We, in this article, have made learning easy for you. Go through the step by step guide below:

Learn the rules:

First of all, you should learn the rules how to play basketball:

  1. Have a ball and a hoop:

Basketball hoop stockWhenever you decide to play the basketball, you should have a ball of the appropriate size and a net of the appropriate size through which the ball gets pass easily. This hoop should be set at a height challenging enough.


These are available in three different sizes like youth, intermediate, and adult size. They are made up of rubber materials or synthetic leather. All you have is to choose a ball that you can shoot way comfortably without shaking your wrist.

Regulation hoops:

These are 10 feet in height and 18 inches in diameter. For a full-court basketball, you will need two hoops i.e., one at each end of a court that is 94 feet long.

Divide into two teams:

How to play basketball? Teams in a Basketball match

Two teams of five players in each are needed for a full court basketball game. Even for playing a half-court ball, you will need two teams of three players in each.

By shooting the ball through the hoop, score points:

How to play basketball? Scoring in basketballThe main aim of learning how to play basketball is to score. Depending on where the shot is taken on the floor, an offensive player would score between one and three points using a shot in basketball.

Moving forward in a half-circle, “three-point line” should be 20 feet from the hoop on courts, beyond which all shots have an extra point. While inside the arc, all shots own two points.

On the other side, foul shots bear one point each taken from the free-throw line, that is 15 feet away from the hoop.

Use dribbling or passing to move the ball:

Use dribbling or passing to move the ballYou would either dribble the ball or be remain stationary with one foot planted when you have got the ball on the court. You can pivot around the planted foot but if you are not dribbling, that foot has to remain planted. You can also jump to shoot the ball or pass it but whenever you will come back down, you should not have the ball.

Learn to dribble properly. If you start dribbling, you should not stop until pass or shoot. You cannot also stop and re-start the dribbling, that is a foul called ‘double-dribble’. Also, avoid ‘over or under dribbles’.

You can pick the ball up and take two steps with no dribbling before you shoot or pass the ball if you are driving into the shoot.


  • Scoring Tip in Basketball. Each time you shoot, square up with the basketEach time you shoot, square up with the basket:

‘Squaring up’ means pointing both the sets of toes so they are pointing straight in the direction of the hoop and then making your front-side parallel to the hoop. You will shot more accurately whenever you square up, if and only if you are aware of the correct fundamental techniques about the shooting.

Just before shooting, stop dribbling and take the ball in your both hands and align your hips in the direction of the hoop. Make sure to practice the very last step of dribbling after which you will need to lift the ball for shooting.

  • Balance the ball in your dominant hand:

Holding the Basketball. How to handle a basketball?Few of the most important points in learning How to Play Basketball? is holding the ball correctly. The hand that you use for other activities like writing is, of course, your dominant hand that you will use for shooting. Try to balance the ball in the fingertips of your dominant hand on the bottom side of the basketball. Bring the ball up even to your chin and bend the knees like crouching.

The power for shooting comes with your dominant hand. However, you can touch and balance the ball with your other hand as well.

Roll the ball off your hand:

Rolling the basketball for throw. How to play basketball?By now you have learned a great deal about how to play basketball? Continuing, now when you have properly positioned the ball for shooting, extend the shooting elbow outwards, rolling the wrist forward. Continue this process of extending your hand up and out in the direction of the hoop. Now pop the ball forward, when your arm reaches to the end, roll backward as soon as you release the ball.

  • Jumping straight up, push off with your feet:

Throw the basketball by Jumping straight up, push off with your feet

Bend down and pop up with your legs the time you shoot in order to get extra power from your shot. Just when your arm reaches to their highest point, jump slightly while extending your legs a bit and also putting a small amount of extra power under the shot along with your jump.

Jump straight up, not forward or towards the loop.

If you want to take free-throws, you do not have to jump to shoot.

  • Aim for throwing the ball just over the rim and straight into the basket:

Aim for throwing the ball just over the rim and straight into the basket:Go cleanly through the center of the rim in order to get the ball just over the rim and straight into the loop. Do not aim low or else you will hit the rim. Same should be the case with aiming too high or over the rim. Via either case, you will hit the rim or the board up there and the ball will bounce back leaving a chance for the defender to take over.

  • Go for the practice of lay-ups from both sides:

Go for the practice of lay-ups from both sides in the game of basketballPracticing lay-ups is an important part of playing basketball and a good basketball player would always be having his lay-ups locked down very well.

Take start from the corner of the free-throw line on the side that is dominant for you. Start with the dribble in towards the hoop via an angle, and on the side of the lane-marker, pull up when you get near to the second last line. Now take your steps and jump off your foot quite closest to the hoop. Bouncing the ball off the backboard, at the top corner of the square on the back, and straight away into the hoop should be learned.

From everywhere, shoot constantly to score a basket

You can get all way best shooting practice along with a little bit of exercise and fun too. Try to shoot from around all the court corners and defined places from different angles. You can kill two birds with one stone, how? Dribble around along with shooting.

A good basketball player would make free throws almost automatic. Do practice it because it will definitely help you win almost half of the game with just shooting.

Dribbling and Passing

  • Do stand correctly:

Now if you have got control of the ball, you need to bend down in a low position in order to guard and protect your balDribbling and Passing Do stand correctlyl while you dribble it with your knees flexed and your shoulder-width apart.

Its better to use fingertips to dribble the basketball

Use your fingertips, not the palm of the hand for dribbling in order to have a good control over the ball.

Just bounce the ball while standing still. In order to bounce the ball, flex your wrist and keep your elbow right at the position into your hip while trying not to move your elbow or as little as possible.

Do follow the directions on the ball you have got and also do add a little air, if it is necessary.

  • Keep your head up:

Keep your head up while scoring or dribblingIt is difficult to keep your head up and have an eye on the surrounding if you have the ball in your hands but good ball players would see their teammates, opponents, and the hoop all at the same time.

  • When you’re ready, start moving:

keep moving when you have the basketballThe important point in learning how to play basketball? is that you cannot stay static while ball in hands during the game. It is crucial to start dribbling. But you will have to get ready. First, with slow walking, dribble the ball. Then, gradually start jogging and eventually take short sprints while dribbling.

Just keep the ball low, keep your head up, and control it as you dribble the ball quickly.

  • Use both hands for dribbling:

How to master dribbling with both handsIn the start, when you are practicing the game, you will dominantly use the hand that you use for other tasks like writing etc. But you will need to add some diversity to your game. And for you will use both hands for dribbling the ball that of course, will make you a most predictable basketball player.

Do drills with your dominant hand to learn and practice the fundamentals of the game but a part of each dribbling session should be given to your weak hand as well. If you want to be a good player, then you should be good from both the sides.

  • Practice making different kinds of passes:

Passing a BasketballFrom a lame shot, a great pass is better. Don’t listen to the ball hogs: a great pass is always better than a mediocre shot. Making passes is a part of a basketball game. Practice giving passes to your teammates without causing them move from their place.

Chest passes: Grab the ball in both of your hands at the position near your chest, then flick outward the ball very comfortably towards your teammate without the ball touching the ground.

Bounce passes: Make the pass by bouncing the ball once into the ground and then to the other player. Do practice one and two-handed bounce passes.

Playing Defense:

  • Understand your role on defense:

Basketball Defense. How to play basketball?You have to keep your opponent from scoring whenever you are playing defense. It simply means disrupt the passes. Do try to steal the ball and block the shots as much as you can. Funny to say but it is your duty to be annoying and disruptive to other team’s players making a defense.

‘Man-to-man’ defense is the most common type of defense in which usually you will guard a player for the rest of the game from shooting.

‘Zone’ defense is also used nowadays in which you will select an area of the court to guard and protect and similarly you will pick up a player who moves into it.

  • Understand the correct defensive stance:

The Correct basketball Defense StanceIn order to learn a sticky defense, you need to learn how to get low and get wide. Make yourself as wide as possible by bending low and keeping your shoulders wide and putting your arms straight out. Lock your eyes on the ball and guard the player with the ball by making sideway movements.

Have a practice of your side-to-side movements:Have a practice of your side-to-side movements:

One of the hardest things about playing defense is resting in your defensive area sticking to the offensive player like glue. It is way hard to move side-to-side abruptly, so instead of that make side-to-side shuffle step. This is the best defensive player’s strategy.

Rest on your feet as much as you can:

Jumping in the air too much is the common mistake most of the basketball players do at the beginning. Try to stretch yourStay on your feet hands out in order to keep the opposing player from shooting while rest on the ground as much as possible. Learn to stay stand still and when you see the opponent pulling it down to shoot, throw your hands up in the air. This will make an impression of a disruption as a jump and you will still be in place to play your defense.

  • Do grab the rebounds:

Do grab the reboundsThis is also one of the essential parts of the defense. Learn and practice to grab the rebounds when they come back. Like if your opponent had a chance to shoot and he got failed, do not let him take the chance again. Just grab the ball as it bounces free.

  • Try to avoid fouls:

Understanding Foul in BasketballYou also have to learn where the line is located and do not cross the line or else you are going to have a foul called. On the court, the chances of most of the fouls are from the defender’s side. You will have to be very careful about it.

Just lock down your eyes focused on the ball. Avoid hitting, pushing, or slapping at the arms of opponents because these would be count a foul each time. It cannot be a foul, however, if you touch the ball.

Similarly, reaching out and grabbing your opponent would also earn you a foul.

In this article, you can learn quite well how to play the basketball game. Give this article a reading, try to get from it as much as possible and go nail it!