Best Wireless Home Security Camera 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Let’s all agree that we need the Best Wireless Home Security Camera when it comes to the security of our homes. I mean the home is meant to be a safe place where you, your family and all your important things lie. You would not want anything to happen to your things and would also want the safety of your family. It, therefore, is a key component when it comes to your home’s security.

Wireless camera system for the security of your home come in various shapes and sizes as well as they differ in their functions which is why it becomes quite hard for people to select the right camera for their house. In that case. This review article will help.

Buy Best Wireless Home Security Camera System Online:

 Now you can easily buy wireless home security camera system from your home with the simple click of a button and have it delivered to your house without making any extra efforts. The best part is the fact that you get the exact same and original product that you need without having to go out and look for it. We have a list of the most popular home security cameras which will help you get the right camera that you need. Let’s get going!

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1 – xmartO Audio And Video Wireless Security Camera System:

xmartO Audio And Video Wireless Security Camera System:Introduction:

Now enjoy the xmartO WiFi camera system which has an audio support system as well. Each of the cameras let you add microphone without the need of any extra power cable. The NVR outputs voice through the HDMI & 3.5mm audio port. You also can hear it from the App. The NVR has a built-in router, which provides WiFi signals for all the HD cameras. The system comes with about 1TB of hard drive pre-installed, which allows 4 cameras to record all the time continuously for about up to a month.


  • WiFi: 802.11b/g/n
  • Anti-thunder Level: Standard IEC 61000-4-5
  • It is weatherproof, and fit for our list of Best Wireless Home Security Camera
  • The working temperature of this camera is -4°F-140°F
  • Power supply Input is DC 12V 1A,
  • Output: 100-240V
  • Size is 8.07″×2.76×2.17 inches
  •  Weight is 1.1lbs
  • Easy set up and play
  • Strong and long range wifi access
  • Easy access with remotes
  • Does not require any internet.
  • Take care of the wires as they are a bit delicate

2Firstrend Wireless Security Camera System


Firstrend Wireless Security Camera System, Best Wireless Home Security Camera



The system includes 4pcs of 960P HD Bullet camera, an 8CH 960P NVR Recorder with no HDD, However a 4TB HDD. SATA Interface is 3.5/2.5inches. This system is expandable up to 8pcs cameras and only compatible with first rend 960P IP Security Camera. Putting customer’s interest first is our business philosophy, it also includes a 60-day free return and a 1-year warranty is guaranteed.

Connect all the cameras and the NVR to the power, also connect the Mouse to NVR. Connect the PC or TV monitor to NVR with a VGA or HDMI Cable. Then connect the Router’s LAN Port to NVR WAN Port with the Network Cable Provided. After that, a stable and stream video will be received by the professional Wifi signal transmission which is especially based on the Auto Code Rate adjustment.

  • Easy to play, all you to do is plug and play
  • This camera system is very easy to use
  • 4 pieces of 960P HD bullet cameras are provided in the full system package.
  • Night Vision is up to 65ft by 6 IR LEDs and IP66 rated and weatherproof cameras.
  • System is expandable up to 8 pieces cameras and is only compatible with the firstrend 960P IP security Camera.
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Night vision is really good
  • Rare remote issues

3 – ONWOTE 1080P HD NVR Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System:

ONWOTE 1080P HD NVR Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System:


Bring safety and security to life with this amazing camera by the ONWOTE, one of the Best Wireless Home Security Camera, which gives a crisp and clear image and has a strong range of wifi connection to let you notice the best view of your home and help keep it safe.


  • Cameras will pair automatically to the NVR video recorder, there’s no need to hook any video cables from the cameras to the NVR video recorder.
  • The cameras are auto pair wireless which means there is no need to run video cables
  • It supports NVR with a Built in Router which reserves your home Wi-Fi
  • Wireless cameras that keep your home secure
  • Powerful cords
  • High Build quality
  • Easy remote access
  • Very simple to use
  • Cameras need proper cleaning

4ZOSI 4CH 1080P HD WiFi NVR Best Wireless Home Security Camera


ZOSI 4CH 1080P HD WiFi NVR withDescription:

This 720P HD wireless security NVR system is quilted a suitable option for your home as well as small business. It will help you with recording, playback, and remote. Its 1280 x 720 image sensor makes amazingly stunning pictures and videos. It is easy to set up and no wires are needed anymore, nor any exposed lines, enjoy a more beautiful, more hidden, more safe camera.

  • This 4CH wireless security camera system does not include any hard disk. You will need to install a hard disk for the recording and Playback.
  • Its AUTO PAIR technology makes sure Plug & Play is real and adjusted.
  • Get a remote view from anywhere at any time with its Free App.
  • Experience a live view and playback on your Smartphone under Wi-Fi/ 2G/ 3G/ 4G Network
  • It has a built in router and two WiFi antennas, the NVR ensures a very strong & stable WiFi connection for up to 1000 ft in open area and almost up to 350 ft with obstacles
  • Two year quality Warranty is included.
  • Includes warranty
  • Build quality is high
  • Strong wifi access
  • Versatile
  • Rare lens issues

5Arlo by NETGEAR Security System

Arlo by NETGEAR Security System

This camera by Arlo is a 100 Percent Wire free camera which really means it is completely wireless, it is an ultimate HD smart home security camera for you to get exactly the shot that you need inside or out. This camera by Arlo is waterproof and weatherproof and includes motion detection, night vision, and apps. It can also capture clips and send you alerts if you’re at home or away for around the clock peace of mind.

  • See every detail with HD cameras.
  • It supports a patented 100% Wire Free design for easy placement anywhere.
  • Night vision cameras work even well in the dark.
  • Motion activated cameras and real-time email or app notifications.
  • This camera efficiently records and alerts only when motion is detected so no battery power ever goes wasted.
  • These cameras are Indoor and outdoor weatherproof cameras.
  • Includes an app to securely view live video while at home or away.
  • This camera is very easy to set up and takes just a few minutes.
  • A computer is not required.
  • It is expandable, add cameras the way you need.
  • It 100% wireless and completely Wire Free.
  • Up to 1GB secure cloud storage is included.
  • It can view 4 video streams at the very same time.
  • It can efficiently create and schedule smart home rules.
  • Clearly a much deserving candidate on our list of Best Wireless Home Security Camera.
  • Some costumers do not like the design of this camera

6Smonet 4CH 720P HD NVR Wireless Security

Smonet 4CH 720P HD NVR Wireless Security

This camera is powered by the stable power from the nearby outlets, this camera works efficiently without a stop for a full year surveillance, 24 Hours every Day and 7 Days every week. Giving you a Peace of Mind, no Matter where you are.

  • This camera system transmits videos by 2.4GHz Wireless Signal.
  • It does not support audio but only supports video
  • Record Video and Playback Video with no internet needed.
  • The internet is ONLY needed when the user views the video remotely on the phone, tablet or the laptop or computer.
  • It includes a pre-installed 1TB of hard drive.
  • It supports a 2. 3520D processor and an embedded Linux operating system.
  • Supports quite a lot of memory
  • Versatile
  • Build quality is quite high
  • Supports only video


Well guys, this was all about the Best Wireless Home Security Camera systems in 2019. We hope that you found our article informative and in your best interests. If there’s anything in your mind, let us know, we would be glad to help. Until next time, with another amazing and popular review article, Adios.