Best String Trimmer 2019 – Detailed Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Many of you might not even be familiar with the term string trimmers, string trimmers are also called weed whips and weed whackers. t is a tool which cuts the grass or the unwanted plants off the garden, thus adding more beauty to your garden. A string trimmer needs to be in every house with a lawn or a garden because weeds tend to grow in gardens and cutting them is an important part of the overall beauty of a garden. It is not just about cutting the weed, it is also about making the weed come out of its edge so it does not look bad or ruin the overall look of the garden. Our Collection of Best String Trimmer 2019 is intended to give you the best results and longer life.

Keeping in mind that the market is full of many many string cutting products that claim a better and unique performance, searching among this vast choice can make a person go confused. It is, therefore, the best option to get something that meets your requirements without looking at anything else to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Must Consider Factors for Choosing The Best String Trimmer 2019

Some of the factors that can lead you to buy the best string trimmer are

  • The fact that the trimmer can cut the weeds too short and also other long blades of grass
  • It should be easy to carry and must be very efficient at performing its functions
  • String trimmers are available in some forms like electric trimmers, gas-powered trimmers, and brush cutters but they all differ in their functions which means that you have to find out which one you actually want and for which purpose.
  • The Electric String Trimmer is a perfect choice in case you do not want to ruin your hands with the gas and the oil. Though it has the same power as the gas and the oil one, it is much easy to carry. They use either a battery or an extension cord, they are also not so prone to making a mess.
  • The Gas-Powered String trimmers are equipped with gas as the main source of running and they are needed for heavy-duty or big lawns that have heavy obligations. Many professionals use it as their way to cut out the weeds and unwanted grass from their gardens. They are very versatile and efficiently do their required job. They not only do the trimming but also do the edging, pruning or cultivating as well.
  • The walk behind string trimmers are also a part of the best string trimmers 2019 and include the trimmers on which you have to walk and apply energy. They are a perfect solution for those places which need to be trimmed and cut in a short amount of time
  • Last but not the least is the brush cutters which are one of the very fine string cutters out there that are preferred by many professionals out there for the efficient cutting of their lawns and the unwanted weeds in it. They possess sharp blondes and a body which is easy to carry around if you end up purchasing the hand-held version.
  • It should be budget friendly.
  • The efficiency should be maximum and it should be easy to carry around or handle.
  • Based on the factors above, one can easily buy the best string trimmers of their choice.

However due to the competition in the market, as said earlier, the choice becomes hard, so many products are bought without reviews just to find out later that they were not what you wanted. Therefore, we have compiled a list of top 10 string trimmers in the market to help you get an idea about the latest string trimmers, or purchase one of the latest ones out there. All the products differ in action, therefore, everyone can get the right product that they need.

Best String Trimmers Table

Best String Trimmer
Fuel SourcePriceWeight
Husqvarna Straight Shaft Detachable String Trimmer 2019Gas Powered

11 lbs.
Greenworks PRO Cordless String TrimmerElectric / Battery Powered

9.8 lbs.
Worx 13" Cordless Grass TrimmerElectric / Battery Powered

11 lbs.
BLACK+DECKER Max String Trimmer and SweeperElectric / Battery Powered

13 lbs.
DEWALT String TrimmerElectric / Battery Powered

13 lbs.
BLACK+DECKER Weed WhackerElectric / Battery Powered

7 lbs.
EGO Power+ Cordless Brushless String TrimmerElectric / Battery Powered

11 lbs.
Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V Cordless Grass TrimmerElectric / Battery Powered

5 lbs.
One+ 18-Volt Lithium-ion Shaft Cordless Electric String Trimmer and EdgerElectric / Battery Powered

4 lbs.
BLACK+DECKER Easy Feed String TrimmerElectric / Battery Powered

6 lbs.

Husqvarna Straight Shaft Detachable Best String Trimmer 2019

This string trimmer is a lightweight and an efficient trimmer which serves multiple purposes and is perfect for people who stay and trim their lawns in their homes.

Husqvarna Straight Shaft Detachable Best String Trimmer 2019Enjoy easy starting with the smart starting recoil pump and an easy installation and fueling. It also has a strong, braided wire cable drive which is loaded very easily. This string trimmer lets you take everything with ease and comfort and has a lightweight which makes handling very easy. For homeowners who require having a straightforward and a reliable tool to handle different branch, brushes, and lawn care.


This string cutter weighs only 10.8 pounds, its 128LD is very easy to take care of as well as to handle is removable and can be held quite easily the detachable shaft gives easy transportation and storage. You can tackle a number of jobs quickly and easily. Trim the hedges or clear away the excess branches, all can be done in one place by one simple machine now. The overall look displayed by this string trimmer is therefore very attractive and portable.


This versatile and multitasking tool will give you a wide range of possibilities, you can not only remove the different parts of this best string trimmer 2019 but also cut different types of grass like weed, big bushes or high grades of grass on it for a fine, detailed and defined look. Start working right away with the 128LD. We tried using it for weeds and the result was actually impressive.


  • This string trimmer includes a 28cc engine.
  • The string trimmer has a cutting width of nearly 17-Inches
  • It uses a trimmer line of 0.095 diameter.
  • It is capable of taking any attachments.
  • The Engine displacement is 28 Cubic Centimeters.
  • The shaft of this string trimmer is quite straight and removeable as well.
  • Easy to manage and handle
  • Cuts every type of grass just fine.
  • A perfect choice for home owning people.
  • Works perfectly great and is strong enough to withhold any pressures from the surrounding because of its build quality.
  • You have to set it up a little bit after it goes out of the box.

Weight And Dimensions:

The dimensions and weight of this product are 12.2 x 10.2 x 40 inches and 11 pounds respectively.

Greenworks PRO Cordless String Trimmer

This string trimmer has a versatile nature and provides a wide range of options for the people who wish there could be more and more. The Greenworks Pro cordless string trimmer also has a front mount motor to promote a versatile and broad use. It is also very easy to carry around because of its extremely lightweight. A variable trigger for the Greenworks PRO Cordless String Trimmerpower on button also lies in this string trimmer. It is especially made to be durable and withstand heavy-duty performances


The design of this heavy-duty string trimmer is heavy duty and made to last since professionals need something that they can do it all with. This machine privies them exactly that. The green color adds lush and freshness to your mind every time you hold it.


  • This 16 Inch Cut Path
    runs up to 45 Minutes and has a fully charged 80V 2Ah Battery with a fast charging charger that charges in 30 Minutes.
  • Much more durability and performance is provided by its Dual Line Bump Feed Head Brushless Motor.
  • Its design like a Split Shaft opens you up to the option of Compact Storage.
  • For a maximum balance and ergonomics, a Front Mount Design is followed.
  • This best string trimmer 2019 Includes about 80V 2Ah Lithium-Ion Battery which provide around 30 Minutes of charging time.
  • The battery life is quite impressive and good
  • You can add and remove the shaft of this string trimmer
  • Balance is made okay with a front mount design.
  • Engine needs care.

Weight And Dimensions:

The dimensions and weight of this product are 65 x 7.5 x 9.2 inches and 11 pounds respectively.

Worx 13″ Cordless Grass Trimmer

The all-new Worx string trimmer is a perfect equipment one needs for their lawn’s safety and beauty. With a simple push button, cut the unwanted grass without having to wait for an action, just have it done in seconds. It is a very durable professional grade trimmer and It also has a new method for switching in an instant from edging to Worx 13" Cordless Grass Trimmertrimming things. A set of twin wheels help in guiding this trimmer. It also helps remove the edges efficiently.


The overall design of this string trimmer is very impressive. It is quite tough and can stay strong in almost all types of environments. The orange ends with the black cover and a silver rod adds quite a bright look to the overall design.



  • This grass trimmer delivers a gas-like performance and there are totally zero emissions
  • The Variable function of controlling over the speed will give you an additional runtime and much better versatility.
  • This trimmer handles even the toughest tasks very professionally.
  • It also has a lithium power battery with an indicator
  • The rotating rear handle gives added comfort while Performing the cutting.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Can survive toughest of conditions
  • One simple push button saves your time
  • Battery issues.

Weight And Dimensions:

The dimensions and weight for this product are 37.8 x 8.7 x 7.3 inches and 13.5 pounds respectively.

BLACK+DECKER Max String Trimmer and Sweeper

The BLACK+DECKER kit features a 40V Lithium-Ion battery that will give you a much better lifespan, it includes an indicator which will tell you the level of charge left in a battery. Black + Decker is famous for its innovative technology and advanced style in the whole industry of string trimmers, it evolved as just a small shop, now its worldwide seller of goods.

BLACK+DECKER Max String Trimmer and SweeperDesign:

The design of this string trimmer is very elegant yet stylish. With beautiful orange streaks in silver stick and black shaft, this design suits the green color very well, a color which is often found in gardens. The machine also has perfect tools which help you get the whole job done.


Performance wise, this string trimmer is one of the good ones out there in the market, we tested it by cutting a few blades of grass which it swiftly and rapidly did. The design was sturdy and easy to handle and it managed to do things in no time.


  • This string trimmer contains a 40V MAX Lithium-Ion Battery which will provide you with an extended lifetime.
  • This string trimmer includes a 13-inch String Trimmer as well as a sweeper
  • Enjoy two tools in one device.
  • This trimmer can easily convert to an edger for cutting the sidewalks as well as the driveways
  • This sweeper is not only light but also powerful, it can easily clear the debris from the hard surfaces like garages and patios etc.
  • Converts from one tool to another in the blink of an eye and efficiently does both the jobs.
  • The battery time on this string trimmer is really good
  • Beautifully and uniquely designed with a variety of tools.
  • Tools are light duty

Weight And Dimensions:

The weight and dimensions of this product are 13 x 43.3 x 7 inches and 13.45 pounds respectively.

DEWALT String Trimmer

The DEWALT string trimmer is an innovative and portable machine on the market with an outclass which makes you want to take it anywhere with you for cutting if you are a professional! It makes you obsessed with cutting the garden and cleaning it. It has a high capacity battery which makes it go a longer time.DEWALT String Trimmer


The design of this string trimmer is very manageable and light. It can be taken anywhere with you as you like without any hesitation. The yellows in the silver stick of this string trimmer look quite good and as a bright color, the yellow in this best string trimmer 2019 adds more beauty to your garden.



  • This DEWALT String trimmers have a 40V MAX 6.0Ah Lithium Ion battery and it comes along with a single charger.
  • It is very durable and elegant.
  • The full variable trigger lets you have a full control over the speed and the noise.
  • It is a great power holding device as a trimmer.
  • This trimmer is a beast that whacks all the unwanted plants in the garden.
  • The battery life is not as good as the description says.

Weight And Dimensions:

The dimension and weight of this product are 77.8 x 8.9 x 11.1 inches and 13.9 pounds respectively.


 Tackle all your problems with this amazing string trimmer which meets all the demands of the user. It not only is slim and sturdy but also has a very light weight which enables it to be carried around anywhere at any time possible.


BLACK+DECKER Weed WhackerThe easy handling design of this best string trimmer 2019 is very simple, manageable and equally beautiful. The build quality of the material is of a very high quality this making this weed whacker equally durable and prepared for any harsh conditions.


In terms of performance, this amazing and undeniably smart string trimmer does its job perfectly and rapidly, not only once did we experience any trouble and mishaps while using it, throughout the process, everything was smooth and on point.


  • This best string trimmer 2019 has a 20-volt Lithium-Ion battery pack, it provides a 33% additional run time
  • Get more power out of the motor to the cutting string so that you can do everything at a much faster and a swift rate.
  • The automatic Feed Spool does not allow this machine to bump so you can go with your working process smoothly.
  • Smooth, fast and accurate performance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Battery is really good
  • Trimmer needs extra care.

Weight And Dimensions:

The weight and dimension of the product are 8.5 x 36.4 x 4.9 inches and 7.06 pounds respectively.

EGO Power+ Cordless Brushless String Trimmer

 This beautifully designed machine provides you with the most beautiful and easy design with a class quality performance to look and deliver equally the best.EGO Power+ Cordless Brushless String Trimmer


In terms of performance, this string trimmer is a beast that whacks all the plants without even single delay. The trimmer is strong and made with heavy-duty steel to perform its best.




  • It is a 15-inch weed whacker.
  • This 56-Volt Lithium-ion string trimmer does it all in one go.
  • It has a 2.5Ah Battery.
  • A Charger is included along with the battery for charging it whenever it is needed.
  • Good trimmer for the low price
  • It is very powerful trimmer which breezes through even the strongest of weeds
  • Replacements spools are difficult to put.

Weight And Dimensions:

The weight and dimensions of this product are 59.7 x 11.2 x 6.3 inches and 11.9 pounds respectively.

Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V Cordless Grass Trimmer

Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V Cordless Grass TrimmerWitness the new levels of power, precision and functionality with the Worx Grass Trimmer. The battery of this grass trimmer is very fast and also takes a less time charging, thus making it an ideal option for people to buy. It also has a very sturdy and classy design which not only looks good in the hands but also on the garden floor.




  • It delivers a two in one function with the dual position wheels which are the best equipment against grass trimming and edging
  • It can convert from a trimmer to an edger within seconds without any tools
  • The no load speed is about 7600 per minute
  • The cutting line length is about 10 feet.
  • Enjoy the benefits of this gem like grass trimmer
  • Perfect choice for pros
  • It will make you obsessed with its use
  • Trimmer needs extra care

Weight And Dimensions:

The dimensions and weight of this top 5 string trimmer is 36.3 x 7.5 x 5.5 inches and 5 pounds.

One+ 18-Volt Lithium-ion Shaft Cordless Electric String Trimmer and Edger

One+ 18-Volt Lithium-ion Shaft Cordless Electric String Trimmer and EdgerEnjoy making your garden beautiful with this string trimmer which is not only lightweight but also easy to use and easy to store.






  • This weed whacker can be run with both nice as well as with li-ion ONE+ batteries
  • It includes a 10-inch cut swatch to make the trimming process easy for yards that are much smaller in size.
  • The Shaft of this string trimmer rotates beautifully for easy edging.
  • Extremely lightweight, portable and easy in carrying
  • It is very simple yet efficient in processing
  • Perfect for yards that are small
  • Does not cover extremely minute areas

Weight And Dimensions:

The dimensions and weight for this product are 7 x 8.2 x 30 inches and 4 pounds.

BLACK+DECKER Easy Feed String Trimmer

Take a taste of professionalism with this string trimmer which is especially made for people who are not just any gardeners but professionals. Take it anywhere you like without any worries since this best string trimmer delivers anBLACK+DECKER Easy Feed String Trimmer outclass performance, anywhere at any time possible.


This weed whacker or string trimmer beats most of the string trimmers in the market with its outclass performance which is perfect for both big lawns and small lawns equally. The shaft is easily manageable and can perform heavy duty tasks and tackle with the strongest of weeds thus adding beauty to your garden.


  • It can easily convert from a weed whacker to an edger
  • There is a variety of speed controls for different tasks.
  • A number of tools are also present with this string trimmer so that things can be made easy for you when you use it.
  • Just push the button and get to work with this simple and efficient weed whacker.
  • Enjoy the lightness of this trimmer as you use it
  • Experience with a long-lasting cut cord.
  • You will genuinely be impressed with the ease of handling this strong trimmer.
  • Trimmer quality is satisfactory.

Weight And Dimensions:

The dimensions and weight of this product are 9.2 x 41.3 x 5.7 inches and 6 pounds respectively.

Final Verdict Best String Trimmers 2019:

According to our reviews and speculations, we think that Husqvarna is the ideal and the best string trimmer 2019 because not only is it easy and portable to use but also extremely efficient in its function. There is no concept of pausing at when it is at work and the additional tools that come with it make jobs easier.

We hope that you found our article on the best string trimmers 2019 a useful and an informative one. If there are any queries, let us know, we would be happy to help.

Until next time, off we go, Adios!

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