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Best Ping Pong Paddles 2019 – Table Tennis Paddles Review

Ping Pong paddles are very important ping pong tools, I mean they are the basic tool in playing the whole game so having great paddles are very necessary, I mean if you have a best ping pong paddle, you can play better than others and have a better chances at winning. Mostly paddles with red and black covers are selected by the people and hence carry a standard level. A ping pong paddle is a wooden flat surface with a handle designed in such a way that the fingers curl up easily against it, since it has spaces designed for this purpose to increase the grip and allow free moment.Best Ping pong paddles come always in a set. To get a best ping pong paddle you must have enough experience to know which paddle is the best.

Many people ask if all the ping pong paddles are the same, the answer is NO. Your experience kicks in the middle, you need to have enough experience to check a few minor things out in a paddle before buying it like the grip, the control and the amount of energy it absorbs to pull the ball back, weather it is made of plastic or wood, also the quality of the wood as well as its thickness.

It is also best to play with a good rubberized paddle to increase effectiveness. You also need to check if they are glued together perfectly.

You should also know your playing style better, know whether are you a beginner, a developing player or a master. If you have just started playing then its better to ask around and read guides over the internet to help you determine the best ping pong paddles for yourself

Buy Best Ping Pong Paddles Online

If you have had your best ping pong paddles broken or damaged due to some reason or if you simply want to gift someone these paddles as an amazing gift, then this is the right place for you. After an extensive research, we have made a list of the top-notch ping pong paddles available in the market. These paddles cover various aspects of different paddles based on your needs and preferences. This guide will also let you know what to choose based on your needs after you read our article.

Lets not wait and dig in!!

Killerspin JET800 Best Ping Pong Paddles

Killerspin helps you create beautiful and evergreen memories with those you care about through its highly designed table tennis experiences.

The Killerspin JET800 is a perfect all around paddle which performs a lot more better than it looks. The power it generates out is definitely something that will bring out the ping pong competitor in you. In case you want to make an impression by dominating your opponent with some amazing ping pong shots, then this is the right paddle for you. The JET800 Speed N1 blade comprises of two layers of carbon fiber which is sandwiched around five plays of premium wood. These seven layers make an ideal combination for the offensive ping pong players who love to conquer.

Killerspin JET800 Ping Pong Paddle-best ping pong paddles


    • It is a 7 ply wood blade with 2 carbon layers for an increased power and competition level performance
    • The included memory book makes your ping pong experience more memorable.
    • It also allows you to collect scores, signatures, personalized messages as well as protect your paddle.
    • Rubbers are ITTF approved Nitrix 2.0 mm in the colours red and black, which in combination with this blade generate a great power
    • The wooden side tape absorbs the energy and allows for a catapult effect
    • The blade with flared handle rating out of 10 control 8, spin 9, speed 9.5
    • It also comes with a 30 days warranty
  • On the top of the table tennis technology ladder.
  • The wooden side tape protects your paddle from damage and also protects the energy you generate to produce those powerful shots.
  • Contains 5 ply woodPerforms better than it looks.
  • The ITTF approved rubber gives an increased spin and power.
  • The handle of the JET800 is made to give a superior grip regardless of the hand size.
  • Sometimes produces a strange sound when using it in the start.

MStiga Supreme Ping Pong Paddle

MStiga Supreme best Ping Pong PaddlesThe Stiga supreme ping pong paddles are especially made with a technology in which the middle veneer goes through amazing revolutionary treatments. STIGA proudly made its high technology blade machines to mill the “Micro Channels” lengthways in the middle ply of the blades. The channels are then filled with different materials the depends on the blade’s desired characteristics.


    • It is a ping pong racket with highest performance
    • The rubber is especially approved by ITTF for Tournament Play
    • It features STIGA ACS for a better control and a suprass speed
    • Performance Ratings Speed is about 90 Spins.
    • Contains a 6 Ply extra light blade with a rubber that is future inverted” and a 2mm Sponge as well.
    • The numerous microscopic air capsules that are in the rubber allows a high speed in combination with maximum elasticity and an outstanding control.
    • STIGA’s unique process hardens the surface of the blade, thus increases its speed.
    • The balance of the blade is shifted to the point of contact with the ball.
    • The drop in blade weight improves the rate of recovery after each stroke.
    • It is strategically positioned recess in the handle thus provides extra sensitivity of touch.
  • Paddles is extremely responsive.
  • Evokes the champion in you.
  • Much better control and spin
  • Light on the hand
  • Perfect for amateurs
  • Perfect for the price
  • The product quality gets a little worse after some time.

Best Ping Pong Paddles


Killerspin Jet Set 2

All you need is a set of two rackets and three balls for some good old fashioned table tennis fun. Everyone loves this one since it’s so easy to get used to it and also easy to make the most of this paddle’s features!

Killerspin was especially made to bring an innovation to one of the world’s most beautiful sports that is table tennis. This Chicago based company makes high-quality table tennis equipment, sports apparel and media. Killerspin was made to serve the table tennis player

The Killerspin JETSET 2 dual pack is equipped with two top-notch paddles for a consistent game and high precision. The rackets of the JET Set 2 are made with a wooden blade along with black and red rubbers. Three white premium Killerspin balls are also included with the racket set. The high-quality rubbers enable you to generate a competition class performance.

Killerspin Jet Set 2


  • Color is orange, which is bright and attractive.
  • It is a Premium paddle set with three balls.
  • The inverted 1.5mm rubber surface is included for superior control and spin.
  • Has a 5.6mm blade thickness, 5-plywood blade with ergonomic flared handle
  • Ratings out of 10:
  • Power 6.0
  • Spin 7.0
  • Control 9.0
  • Comes with a warranty of 30 days
  • Sharp blade
  • Easy grip
  • Free wrist movement
  • Comes with a set of three balls
  • Perfect gift
  • Mostly for professional.

Abco Tech Ping Pong Paddle Set

Abco Tech Ping Pong Paddle SetDo you want to have those professional quality paddles and do not want to go for any beginner sets or those cheap ones as you might not want to invest again in the paddles so soon, and of course, are you looking to have a top-notch experience at first attempt itself? Well, there is an incredible solution to all your problems and you are gonna love it for the many amazing features it provides. The paddles have 5-Ply, 5.6 mm professional quality blades which are ideal for an all-rounder who is equally good at looping, defense or at times offensive shots

The Abco Table Tennis Set includes 4 premium control oriented paddles to help you take your game a few notches up and also include 6 table tennis balls to let you start your game immediately without having to set things up. The rackets have both black and red color rubbers on each side of the blades, and the balls come in 3 white and 3 orange colors.

It is a complete set and thus comes in a pack of 4 rackets/paddles and six 40mm table tennis balls of which 3 are orange and 3 Ds white


  • The rackets are proudly made with 5 ply blades that have a 5.6 mm thickness which is also ideal for any all-rounder and also gives you the edge when playing the loop strokes.
  • Each paddle or blade is safely covered with high quality soft and a spongy rubber
  • It also has an Inverted 1.5 mm rubber surface which offers a superior control and spin to help you take points in your game.
  • The handle comes in a flared design.
  • This top quality table tennis set is ideal for all the people whether you are a beginner level, an intermediate level player, a professional or just interested in playing the game for fun.
  • The company also offers you 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee to let you buy the paddle set with confidence without having to answer any questions.
  • All perfect choice since it fulfills all the purposes
  • Any type of player can use these
  • Perfect gift
  • High build quality
  • Easy on the wrist
  • Spin is speedy and smooth
  • Surfaces are sleek
  • This product has no alarming cons.

Affordable Ping Pong Paddles

“We have also made a list of affordable ping pong paddles for your ease, in case if you are a beginner, it is best to stick to affordable paddles rather than jump to expensive ones, I mean you can always buy them later on but it’s best to practice with affordable ones first. Also if you are buying ping pong paddles for kids, it is best to buy affordable ones because kids are cranky and can often damage the paddles. In case if they do, it won’t cause much damage and you can always buy them new ones.

Champion Sports Sand Face Table Tennis Paddle

Champion Sports Sand Face Table Tennis Paddle

It does not matter if you are an advanced player or a beginner, The Champion Sports has the paddle for you. This sand face paddle has a 5 ply laminated wood handle and a blade, straight handle for easy maneuverability is also included to the list.


  • It is a Sand face paddle
  • 5 Ply paddles.
  • Spin Speed Control Ratings: 1-5-8
  • It has a straight and a laminated wood handle
  • It is Tan in the color
  • Extremely fast
  • Perfect grip
  • Gives an easy grip
  • Sand face paddle.
  • It is an affordable table tennis paddle.
  • Affordable gift for kids
  • Extremely fast
  • Perfect grip
  • Gives an easy grip
  • Sand face paddle.
  • It is an affordable table tennis paddle.
  • Affordable gift for kids
  • Rubber falls
  • Satisfactory build quality

EastPoint Sports Table Tennis Paddle

EastPoint Sports Table Tennis PaddleUpdate your table tennis performance with the EastPoint Sports 4.0 Table Tennis Paddles. Incase you want to upgrade or replace the paddle for a competitive or a casual play then, this paddle set is a perfect choice.It also features a high tack rubber that delivers an outstanding spin and speed of the ball. You’ll be serving and spiking better than ever no matter what competition you may be in.Its premium sponge backing enables a harder strike and gives you a superior control so that you can maintain your edge during the match. The red color of the paddle face is subtle yet extremely stylish and is suitable for any table tennis environment.


  • Standard EastPoint Sports 3.0 table tennis paddle.
  • High tack pips in rubber facing for good balance between spin and speed.
  • Sponge backing gives you a harder striking and a superior control.
  • It enhances and improves table tennis game.
  • Sponge backing gives you a harder striking and a superior control
  • It enhances and improves table tennis game
  • Rubber falls apart after some years.

Franklin Sports 2 Player Ping Pong Tables

Franklin Sports 2 Player Ping Pong Tables
Easily and quickly update you Ping Pong or table tennis table and bring it on with a new set of paddles in the Franklin sports 2 player paddle & ball set.

Exceptionally made with thick rubber and a quality wood, these paddles deliver a superior spin and an increased quality speed, in addition to a feeling that is full of comfort. This amazing paddle set includes two top-notch paddles and three standard table tennis or ping pong  balls, it also has a protective sided tape to add more time to the life of these paddles.

2 pips out rubber paddle facings are especially designed for an increased control. The 3 standard table tennis balls, a 5-ply select hardwood laminates the blade. A straight handle for easy play and a protective side tape is included for extra safety and durability.


  • Update your Ping-Pong table today to get an awesome experience with the new set of paddles in Franklin sports 2 player paddle & ball set
  • The paddles are especially made of thick rubber and a high-quality wood, these paddles deliver a superior spin and speed in addition to a very comfortable feel
  • The paddle set also includes two paddles and three standard table tennis balls as well as a protective side tape to prolong the life of these paddles.
  • Perfect for people who play casually
  • Working and overall performance are just fine
  • Great and a very smooth surface
  • Grip is amazing
  • Take them anywhere with you for more fun
  • Paddles have a unique quality wood to bounce the ball back with force
  • Very responsive and adaptive to the hand
  • Delivers a Perfect spin
  • Great paddles for the price
  • People are not happy with the quality at times.


Well, guys, this was all about the best ping pong paddles on the market. We hope that you found our article informative and grasped the information you needed from it, it will hopefully be much easier for you to choose different paddles based upon your preferences and needs now since we have done our level best to clear your mind up, because we know how hard it is these days to get something that you need because of numerous varieties in the market. Let us know what you think about our article and if you have any questions, let us know in the comments bar below, we would be glad to help our audience out. Until next time, with another popular product, we are signing off, Adios!