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We are often surrounded by the questions about table tennis blades asking which one is the Best Ping Pong Blades or which among the Best Ping Pong Blades would suit them better according to their playing style. Well, the answer is simple, if you are a beginner level table tennis player then the best option for you is to simply go to the market and purchase a simple set of table tennis which includes paddles and a ball mostly, after some time when you become a pro at it, you will definitely need to make some customization according to your needs, preferences and priorities.

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If you are looking out to make a customized table tennis paddle then you will need customized blades apart from rubbers and all that. Then you have landed in the right article, here in this article, we will tell you everything about table tennis blades and guide you on which one to choose according to your needs and priorities. You can also read our articles about best ping pong balls, tables and paddles.

1. Butterfly Petr Korbel-FL Blade with Flared Handle

The Butterfly is a unique producer of High-quality blades, Butterfly is one of the world’s most popular manufacturers of top-notch table tennis products. It is similar in construction to the popular Primorac but has much of a larger head.


  • It is a top-notch quality blade made proudly by the butterfly
  • Butterfly, as we all know, produces high-quality table tennis products and this is one of its best creations.
  • It is quite similar construction to the popular Primorac, but with a larger head
  • Best of butterfly brand
  • Similar to primorac
  • Extremely reliable
  • Build quality is high
  • Colour fades out

2. Custom Gambler Professional Table Tennis Paddle one of the Best Ping Pong Blades

It is a custom table tennis blade, which is hand assembled in its USA Pro Shop. The Gambler Double Carbon Silver Dragon blade is especially made of 5 ply Ayous and Limba plus  2 layers of soft Carbon are also included. The soft carbon is used for speed and stabilization, also has mildly aggressive tackiness. It comes with 2.0mm Pro RS Sponge. The blade is professionally finished with edge tape, and the rubbers can also be removed and replaced when worn out. This bat has an approximate total weight of 176 grams, thus falls towards the lighter side of a professional table tennis bat, the average weight of a professional paddle with the rubber is from 170 grams to 195 grams. Blades that are over 195 are considered to be heavy, while blades that are under 170 are considered to be of a lighter weight.


  • The Gambler Double Carbon Silver Dragon blade is made of 5 ply Limba and Ayous and it also includes 2 layers of soft Carbon.
  • The soft carbon which is especially used for speed and stabilization provides a sweet spot with the extra kick only carbon can provide.
  • It is professionally glued hence rubbers can be replaced when worn out or whenever needed.
  • Replacement rubbers are also available for this blade.
  • Speed is 90, control is 90, the spin is 91
  • It also includes a single blue Gambler
  • Competitor paddle cover
  • Comes hand assembled from USA.
  • Grip is tighter
  • Good choice for professionals
  • Competition level blade
  • Care needs to be taken in terms of the grip.

3. STIGA Active Table Tennis Blade

This Active blade from Stiga is a 7 ply offensive power house. It is fast and stable however a player has to have control over it.

STIGA Active Table Tennis Blade


  • Speed is 87
  • Control is 69
  • 7 plywood
  • Weight is 89 gms.
  • This is a shakehand style table tennis blade without any rubber
  • Shakehand style table tennis
  • Reliable
  • Has a tight grip

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This blade provides an ideal balance for the pure pleasure of table tennis. It has an offensive blade of a medium speed for all types and levels of players. DIVA especially aimed for an optimal feel and performance for easy and pleasant table tennis. This is a 5 ply offensive blade that has a medium speed. But because of the high level of energy it has, the efficiency it shows is of a higher speed than expected at the time when players use offensive techniques such as topspin.

The thickness of 5.7 mm, selected hardwood of the top layer maximizes the feel on hand but the sophisticated construction reduces unnecessary residual vibration. The overall feel is slightly sharp but soft. This provides the excellent stability that can satisfy all level of players. Though a player even not having a high level of skill, he/she will be able to enjoy table tennis with DIVA.


  • DIVA aimed the optimal feel and performance for an easy and a pleasant table tennis
  • 5 Ply Table Tennis Blade
  • Style is off.
  • Weight is Approximately 85 g.
  • Handle is Flared (FL)
  • Extremely high quality
  • Gives a better grip
  • Extremely easy to use and adaptive
  • Lightweight

5. YinHe N-11s Table Tennis Blade (N-11 Upgrade)

The YinHe N 11s is made with proud to serve mid to long range looping players. It is a great blade for beginners who are learning because it is lightweight and is really easy and simple to control.


  • Speed quality is 8
  • The Control of the blade is 8
  • It is made with 5 ply wood
  • Extremly easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Perfectly made with style
  • Rarely, users were not happy with the quality

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Choose A Perfect Blade

In choosing a blade, the first step is always not an easy one which is why one should always check out the ratings and reviews. If you are an offensive and a fast player then choose 7 to 9 ply blades, however most and normally blades are only 5 plies and they are perfect for what they do. But if you wanna go more faster than you can choose these options. However, if you need more control and more defence then you must check out the 5 ply ones instead of trying out the ones with high speed that are 7 to 9 ply as they may be better for offensive shots but the defence and control are very less. The shape of the handles is also according to the preference of the user and what type of handle does he want to use or is comfortable with.

Flared handle has always been the first and loved by all, the anatomic is the second type of handle is also good for better grip however straight handle, from researches has been proved to be used by 50% of people including professionals. But again, it differs with preferences so don’t get confused, do whatever you feel is good for you and with whatever you can play better.


Well, guys, this was all we had to say about the Best Ping Pong Blades, remember Best Ping Pong Blades and Best Table Tennis Blades is one and the same thing some people prefer Ping Pong over the Table Tennis name. We hope that you found out article informative as we spent a great deal of time researching and trying to collect the right information so that you get close to the ping pong blade of your dreams. If you have any questions regarding the article or anything else, let us know in the comments bar below, we are always glad to help. Until next time with another popular article, we are signing off, ADIOS!