Best Ping Pong Balls 2019 – Top Balls Brands Reviews

When it comes to Ping pong balls, it surely is another important thing to discuss and consider since the whole Ping pong game revolves around each of its components. Ping Pong ball is as important as the other set of tools, without it, you simply can’t play the whole game.

Usually, a ball not too thick and not too thin is used to play because if it’s too thick, it will be slow and if it is to light then it will be too fast to play and with every hard hit may take a wrong direction. The ball is about the diameter and size of a small golf ball and usually, a White, Pink or Orange color is used because they are prominent as well as standard. Here are the Best Ping Pong Tables and here is How to Play Ping Pong?

Buy Ping Pong Balls Online

If you are interested in buying ping pong balls online, then this article is especially written by our team for you.

It gives you every small detail about the best ping pong balls online. Depending on your preferences you can choose which type of the ball you want since they come in various shapes, colors and sizes.

Franklin Sports 1 Star Table Tennis Balls

These ping pong balls have a high-end quality performance and are also perfect for competitive and recreational play. They are the official size and weight, thus allowing you to maintain an increased control and a consistent bounce to give you a precise playing experience.

Franklin Ping Pong Ball


  • The company offers 1-star quality table tennis balls both for casual play and practice
  • They are 40mm in size.
  • White table tennis balls.
  • 18 per pack.
  • Offers an increased control, a long-lasting, and a consistent bounce for precision play
  • It is perfect for multiple uses including beer pong, ping pong, table tennis training, and pet toys
  • Very Smooth to touch
  • Lightweight
  • Precise performance
  • You can beat the hell out of them and they will still last five times more than the other ones
  • High build quality
  • Some people find them too thin

MAPOL 50 Pack 3-star Table Tennis Balls in White

MAPOL 50 White 3-star Table Tennis BallsThe MAPOL 3 Star ping pong ball is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy playing ping pong. The balls are of standard 40 MM size with good bounce, an excellent spin and a durable material. The customers mostly like These balls.


“Join and enjoy the play.”


  • These are advanced quality training balls.
  • The bounce is very good thus offering more power.
  • The weight of the Ball is 7-2.85 gms.
  • The Ball Diameter is 40.1 – 40.25 mm.
  • Balls are white in color and are made of a high-quality material to serve its purpose effectively.
  • Package has 50 balls in one polybag.
  • High build quality
  • Extremely precise in function
  • Attractive color
  • Easily washed


  • Keep away from heat sources

MAPOL 50 Pack Premium Ping Pong Balls in Orange

Orange is a standard color when it comes to ping pong balls but so is the quality. A good ball’s quality always counts; it can also last up to unlimited times no matter how hard you play with it. The balls are standard 40 MM with a good bounce; it offers an excellent spin and very durable material.

MAPOL 50 Pack Premium Ping Pong Balls in Orange


  • Color is orange, which is bright and attractive.
  • It has a good bounce
  • It is very reliable
  • Build quality is very excellent
  • The more the Power the Descent the Spin
  • It is also great for the stadium, club, school, home and many other places.
  • Very durable
  • Bounce is really good
  • A little thick to feel but very smooth
  • Comes in an attractive orange color
  • At such a price they are seal away products
  • We couldn’t find anything bad about this product, nor anyone else had any complaints.

TADICK Beer Ping Pong Balls

TADICK Beer Ping Pong BallsThese Ping Pong balls are another way to add fun and a creative style to your lives as you experience a play full of fun and happiness, especially for the kids. These balls will be lovely since they offer multi colors which are a bonus since normal colors do get a little boring at times.


  • It offers a little bounce
  • It is also great for Arts and crafts program, decoration balls, cat ball, beer pong
  • 40mm balls perfect for your daily tasks relating Ping-Pong.
  • PP material colored balls.
  • It is Packed in a plastic bag with a printed Tadick brand logo
  • These balls are very affordable to get
  • Loved by the customers
  • Totally worth the cost
  • Adds more fun to the game
  • Really strong to use
  • Bounces a little slow

KEVENZ Advanced Training Ping Pong Ball

All the Kevenz table tennis balls are produced and made by their own factory in China. These balls are then checked strictly before leaving the factory to ensure the highest standards and quality.

Being standard 3-star ping pong balls, they are very durable, seamless, no wobbling and also give a long-lasting effect, thus making an impact of more than 1000 times, it also does not crack.

They offer a great bounce, superior spin and a good control. They are also suitable for multi-ball training or school training Table Tennis or table tennis robots or any other recreational play. Whether you are a professional player or a beginner, these balls will work more than fine. Will help you practice or in the tournament.


  • Packing is 50 counts
  • It offers a White Color.
  • The Ball Weight in gms is 2.60-2.80
  • The Ball Diameter (mm) is 5-40.5
  • It is Long Lasting, hence gives you the impact of not less than 1000 times along with no cracks
  • They are also suitable for multiball training, schools, Table Tennis Arena or even beginners, table tennis robots, and other training environments or equipment.
  • You can even use them as toys for the cats
  • Perfect for recreational play and Training
  • Now you can Learn like a pro
  • A little heavy, great spin.
  • Very useful


  • This item has no specific cons.

Rhode Island Washable Ping Pong Balls

Rhode Island Washable Ping Pong BallsExperience a unique balling performance with the Rhode Island washable balls. Since the name tells you that these balls are washable, you literally wash any excess off without having to worry about the deterioration of the product. These balls look and feel heavy but are very soft and smooth to touch which is why they are loved by many customers. The material used is not ordinary which is why they are perfect quality.

  • They offer plenty of bounce and are more convenient to use
  • You are getting a good product for a great price
  • Strong build quality
  • Perfect bounce
  • No issues were found with these balls.

Emoji Universe Beer Pong Balls

Need to add some fun to your ping pong game? Well, it’s no crazy idea because you can really do that with these balls and even impress the audience and opponents. These balls are perfect for trainers to increase interest.

Emoji Universe Beer Pong Balls


  • These Emoji Beer Pong Balls are an amazing thing to buy
  • They are simply perfect for playing Table Tennis or even Beer Pong
  • 6 -Packs
  • Clamshell has 6 Designs one of Each is the Emoji Ball
  • Yellow Beer Pong Balls with Fun
  • Smiley Faces
  • It has a Perfect Weight & Size for a Professional Table Tennis Play asvwell.
  • Emoji make things too interesting and fun
  • These are sturdy and very reliable to buy
  • Perfect for playing ping pong with young children.
  • Kill boredom for your kids with this amazing product.
  • Six pack of 6 is perfect.
  • Thin material is used

Take Best Care Of Your Ping Pong Balls:

  • Keep it away from harsh temperatures and direct

  • Use thick balls

  • If you are with a beginner, please play the game slowly, so the person understand and enjoy the game and the ball’s reaction and behavior

  • Keep your ping pong ball in a place where they will not get squished.



Well, guys, this was all we had to say about the ping pong balls. Getting the right product is quite a hurdle these days, nevertheless, we have tried our best to bring you the latest technology products in the market. If you have any questions in mind, we would be glad to hear them out since we love your feedback. Until next time with a better article.