Best Mini Projector Under $100

Projects these days are everywhere and everyone seems to be needing them personally. It has become such a trend that their ever-growing demand has further increased. People choose to watch things on the big screen with added portability and well, it is only the projector screens which can fulfill these demands. This is the reason why people need these at a much higher level. Projectors also come in various shapes and sizes. Depending upon the likes and dislikes of a person, they choose the one most feasible to them. Mini projectors are however an easy catch. They not only provide you with added portability so you can carry them anywhere you like easily. From the bedroom to a party or the beach.

Another thing is that these projectors also come in a very affordable range so everyone can keep them. In past days, projectors used to have a very high price, as much as people fancied them, they could not purchase them, but the affordability the projectors bring these days is quite remarkable. Today’s article will be all about the best mini projectors under $100 thus covering all the factors mentioned above.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Projector

Before we get started. It is very important to know some things before considering to buy the best mini projectors under $100. Because there are so many products available in the market these days. You need to be sure of what you are buying, people get confused and often pick out the product they do not need. Staying focused on what you need and not just the design can get you quite close to the product you need. Right now, this is our prime goal. We have mentioned a few of the most important factors to consider before buying the best projectors under $100.

  • The durability of a projector is the prime concern. Often at times mishaps or bad things happen for which your projector needs to be properly equipped or made. You need to have a projector durable in every situation. Something that should withstand such situations. It should also be shockproof.
  • The design is another important thing that people miss talking about but you need a projector that is simple and stylish in design. It should be of the sort that you need or the one that matches your likes.
  • Handling and portability must be considered before buying the best mini projectors under $100. Your projector must be easy to handle and also easy to carry because you need these things while making your mind up to buying one. Only and only if your projector is portable will you be able to carry it around with maximum feasibility.
  • The battery life of the best mini projectors under $100 should be good because if you do not have enough battery, how will you enjoy it all for a longer time?
  • Last but not least. The overall display and the number of lumens in a projector really count. You can never enjoy things to the fullest without a proper display. The screen needs to be clear, crisp and clean.

Based on the factors mentioned above, one can easily purchase the right mini projector or at least the mini projector of their choice. We have also arranged a list of the top notch and best mini projectors under $100 to help you select the best ones and make your selection easy. You can also grab an idea about the best products from this list and make your selection. All the products are different in their features so there is room for everybody’s choice.

Let’s get going…

 Overall RatingsPerformancePrice
DB Power Mini Projector 5Excellent

Vankyo Mini Projector 5Excellent

Dr. j Mini Projector 5Excellent

Loong Soong Best Mini Projector 4Very Good

Deeplee Stylish Mini Projector 5Excellent

Crenova Portable Mini Projector 4.5Very Good

YABER Simple Mini Projector 4Amazing

THZY Affordable Mini Projector 4Amazing

QKK Best Mini Projector Under $1004Good

GAOG Best Mini Projector Under $1004Amazing

DBPOWER Mini Video Projector


Have the time of your life every time you turn on this mini projector. This projector has successfully won the hearts of many people out there. So many trusts it for both indoor and outdoor use when it comes to portability and ease.DBPOWER Mini Video Projector This projector has a technology where your eyes will never be damaged no matter how long you are watching.


  • It is an excellent home and outdoor projector.
  • The screen has about 1800 lumens
  • The Contrast is 2000:1
  • The Aspect ratio of this mini projector is 4:3/16:9
  • The Display technology is TFT LCD
  • This projector has a native resolution of 800×480 pixels. The supported resolution is 1080P/720p/480P
  • The Power supply cord is 100-240V, AC 50/60 Hz
  • Beautifully engineered
  • Perfect for enjoying those cinematic experiences
  • Has a reduced fan noise
  • Audio issues


Vankyo Leisure 3 Mini Projector


All you need is this amazing projector to make your wildest dreams come true. This mini projector is trusted Vankyo Leisure 3 Mini Projectorworldwide for its quality performance.


  • The LED Brightness of this best mini projector is 2400 LUX
  • The Contrast Ratio is 2000:1
  • The Keystone is a ±15 degree
  • The Lamp Life of this mini projector is 40000 hrs.
  • This projector has an Aspect Ratio of 4:3\16:9\auto
  • The overall projection size is 33-170 inches
  • This projector supports a resolution of 1920*1080.
  • Plug it and enjoy the time of your life
  • Beautifully designed
  • Supplementary bag and tripod included
  • Installation is a bit hard


Dr. J 2600 Lux Home Theater Mini Projector


Need a mini projector to carry along anywhere you like? Well, fret not because this mini projector provides the Dr. J 2600 Lux Home Theater Mini Projectorultimate portability which you need to enjoy those uncounted hours of leisure.


  • This mini projector is very good in terms of connectivity and supports multiple ports
  • Watch all your movies and shows with this ideal home projector
  • Keeps things easy and simple
  • It also has an innovative cooling system to prevent any damage
  • Makes the minimum noise possible
  • Speaker quality is good
  • Worth every penny
  • Some users are not satisfied with the picture quality


LoongSon Mini Portable LED Projector


Do you have the minimum budget possible but your hopes about a mini projector are too high? Well, worry notLoongSon Mini Portable LED Projector because you have just found your dream projector. This projector has everything that it takes to give you that crisp and clear image with a very good voice. It’s also very easy to carry anywhere you like.


  • Imaging Technology is TFT LCD
  • The Brightness of this best mini projector under $100 is 400-600 lumens
  • The Contrast ratio is 800:1
  • It also has a physical resolution of 320*240
  • The Light source is LED
  • Life of this projector is 30,000 hours
  • Provides the maximum portability
  • It has a very clear and crisp image
  • Beautifully designed
  • Buttons are a bit small


DeepLee DP300 Mini Projector


This mini projector has all that it takes to give you an experience worth remembering every time. You will love justDeepLee DP300 Mini Projector how easy it can be handled and carried.


  • Enjoy a portable design with maximum feasibility
  • It also has maximum connectivity
  • Sharply colored
  • It protects the eyes from harmful rays
  • Easy handling
  • Keeps things very simple
  • Quality in a budget
  • The picture is a bit dim


Crenova Best Mini Projector


Video projectors must be very efficient when it comes to delivering the right image quality. Connection with anythingCrenova Best Mini Projector should be easy anywhere you go. This projector is one of many that efficiently provides and keep a check on these factors.


  • Enjoy an amazingly bright and bold display of 1080P clarity and get an amazing viewing
  • It also has a 2200 lumen screen which provides the clearest picture ever
  • Experience a true color without any jagged edges.
  • Has a noise reduction feature
  • There are zero overheating issues
  • Its enhanced LED bulb makes sure you get the right picture
  • Good for a small gathering



YABER LED Projector Home Theater Entertainment


Experience something like never before, under your required budget and be amazed every time you watch somethingYABER LED Projector Home Theater Entertainment on this best mini projector under $100.


  • It is about 40% brighter than other projectors.
  • The YABER projector will make sure you get a colorful and a clear picture.
  • You can compare it with other projectors
  • The display ratio is 1800:1.
  • Experience a color sharper and clearer.
  • Powerful and stable sound experience
  • Perfect for playing games
  • Has an optimized cooling system
  • This product has no major cons


THZY Mini Projector


Get a beautifully bright screen with the most crisp and amazing image quality under the budget with the THZY MiniTHZY Mini Projector Projector.


  • The Image technology of this projector is TFT LCD
  • The Native resolution of this projector is 800*480 RGB
  • This projector has a contrast ratio of 1000:1
  • The LED lamp life of this projector is 30,000 hours
  • The overall Screen size is 30-120 inches
  • You will be very happy with the performance
  • Has a beautiful design
  • Perfect gift for kids
  • Audio problems


QKK 2400 Lux Mini Projector


Need a projector within your required budget to do it all for you? Well, fret not, this projector makes things reallyQKK 2400 Lux Mini Projector easy and simple while still keeping things at its best. It is the perfect partner both indoor and outdoor.


  • This projector has 2400 LUX brightness
  • The contrast ratio is 2000:1
  • The native resolution for this mini projector is 800*480, but 720P & 1080P are also supported on it.
  • Upgraded and enhanced mini projector
  • Easy to handle and carry
  • Crisp picture quality
  • Audio problems



GAOG Mini Projector


The GAOG Mini Projector has everything that it takes for the best mini projector to have. It is one of the best miniGAOG Mini Projector projectors under $100 on our list and is very much appreciated by its users.


  • Perfect projector for home theaters
  • Don’t go for the small size because the image quality on this projector is surpassed
  • It is compatible with many TV devices
  • Connectivity on this projector is maximum
  • Has a reduced fan noise
  • It is made with high-quality materials for added durability
  • The design is simple and upgraded
  • Has minimal noise ratio
  • Problems with buttons


Final Verdict Best Mini Projector Under $100:

According to our speculations and assumptions, the best mini projector under $100 is DB Power Mini Projector because this project offers so much for its price. Its kind of comes in the ideal range of best mini projector or what an ideal projector should look like.  This projector has an extremely beautiful design which will make anyone look at it twice. The design is very simple yet attractive. It also has easy handling ability and very lightweight.

Thus, this projector can be one that you can carry anywhere you like, with yourself, on those small camping parties or at the beach or even between friends when watching a movie somewhere outside of your home. It is best for your outdoor activities. Another thing besides portability is its easy and simple operation. It can function well and very efficiently with its easy operation. You do not have to get into the habit of long and hard procedures. The buttons are simple and you can easily operate this projector with them. The picture quality on this best mini projector under $100 is quite excellent for its price.

In this price range, such a great picture is the best you can get. It works best at night time with no lights. Both convince and quality is combined at your door with this amazingly made projector. This projector is durable and can withstand harsh environments and absorbs shocks. Another great thing is the fact that you can watch it for a long period of time and still not have your eyes damaged like it happens in most cases when using TV and mobile phones. It is made with a protective layer for the eyes.

Well guys, this was all about our article on the best mini projectors under $100. We hope that you found this article informative and in your best interests. Many products in the market can give you a good performance however based on our reviews, top notch mini cameras 2019 are the ones mentioned above.

Let us know if you have any queries, we would be very happy to help you guys.

Until next time,


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