Best Loading Ramps 2019 – Buyers Guide and Reviews

Loading ramps as we all know are used to carry the heavy luggage from one place to another, mainly used for transferring goods to a container like a bus or so for moving out and stuff. Such Things are normally hard to carry, but loading ramps make them easily possible to transfer out or in.

Loading ramps can be of different types, some are for carrying pets, others are for carrying cars, some are for carrying home goods which are heavy. But the most commonly used ramps by people are pet ramps because they serve dual functions and can be used for light things that you move efficiently.

You can easily find loading ramps in the form of sets or as a single ramp for the purpose of moving things or for pets etc.

Best Loading Ramps
2019 Names
Clevr Loading Ramp5/5Excellent

XL loading Ramp Pets5/5Excellent

Big Horn Loading Ramp4.5/5Very Good

Aluminum 5900 Loading Ramp4/5Good

Heavy Duty Loading Ramp4/5Very Good

Ultra Tow Loading Ramp4/5Perfect for the job

Tru Grip Loading Ramp4.4/5Very good

8 Foot Dog Loading Ramp5/5Excellent and durable

Petsafe Deluxe Loading Ramp5/5Excellent and Lightweight

Pet Safe Loading Ramp4Good

Another thing about loading ramps is that they are made of stainless steel or aluminum material for the purpose of easy carrying and transfer. Loading ramps if handled right can-do wonders and make everything right, but they are handled in a wrong manner, they can turn out to creating worse accidents, they can even break if not put at a right angle, so one needs to be careful and vary of that as well. You can also load a number of the things on the loading ramp with the help of a bike for an instance, which will make it safe for the person carrying the stuff, loading ramps do cause a lot of muscle strains if too much force is needed to mixing them up with different things can also cause the ramp to act out much better as well as cause the person to be safe and sound. Because loading ramps can make things much easier and convenient for the people, we decided to dedicate a whole article to it. So, if you are someone who needs to move their things from one place to another and is finding difficulty in doing so, we suggest that you read this article about loading ramps because they can make your life really easy.

Today’s article is all about best loading ramps 2019.

Here are a few points on how to take care while using loading ramps.

  1. When using loading ramps, keep in mind that too much force can cause you to strain your muscles and make them heavily injured, broken muscles completely reduce the activity of the user and limits his/her movement greatly. To avoid this situation, you can use your loading ramp with a motorbike to quickly carry the things that should be carried.
  2. The surface of the loading ramp is quite slippery because it is made with stainless steel so grip and hold must be tight while using it.
  3. Keep moving straight in the middle of the loading ramp in order to avoid any extra fallouts because the loss of balance can make anything happen.
  4. Also, be sure of the weight you are putting on the loading ramp, if you are using a weight which is quite heavy in size, then you may be experiencing problems and as unlikely as it sounds, you loading ramp can fall off as well.
  5. Make sure that the grip of the loading ramp is very tightly maintained and secured because if they grip is not set right, it can cause a serious accident if the fall down occurs while you are transferring the things, let alone the things, it can harm the person putting force on the things as well.
  6. Keep the loading ramp at a very low angle, do not try to aim it at a high weight because the more the weight is set high, the higher will be the chances for accidents.
  7. Adjust the chains that you have put to the loading ramp for added safety.
  8. The use of common sense and experience while using the ramp is the utmost key to setting things right and doing things much better.

Those were some expert factors that can help you take necessary precautions while handling the best loading ramps 2019.

If you are looking for a loading ramp, you should know that the market out there is filled with many products out there that claim to serve their purpose efficiently. However, when these products are tested by the users, you observe how negatively they differ from their description. This not only decreases the confidence of the user but a lack of trust in the market is developed. Another reason behind the decreased efficiency of the product is that due to the many products out there, one gets confused between he/she wants and most people end up buying the wrong product, which in future has no use to them. Therefore, before buying any product, one must always know why he/she is buying it and also put forward the requirements that they need that product to fulfill. Only then can you be close to the product that you require.

Here are a few factors you should consider before buying the best loading ramp 2019.

  1. You should check out the material of the loading ramp which you are trying to buy. Check out what material it is made of, how thick that material is and whether that material can withstand your required tasks that you need that loading ramp to do.
  2. You should also consider the durability of the loading ramp. The durability of a loading ramp greatly matters because that is the factor which stops the unintentional accidents from happening. If a loading ramp is more durable, it will be able to carry most of the things in a short span of time.
  3. Also, see if you need the loading ramp in one part or in a set of parts.
  4. The grip of the loading ramp is another thing you must consider before buying a loading ramp, in any cause of the grip of the loading ramp is not okay, there is a high chance of an accident
  5. Also, make sure that it has a proper and a strong design which can withhold anything that is put on it. It should not must be designed to attract a user but actually do its a real job which obviously is lifting things.

Upon the factors above will you be able to get close to the best loading ramp which is meant to be fit to fulfill your needs and requirements. Due to the saturated number of materials in the market, confusion is a normal thing, but these factors will minimize the risk of confusion and you ending up with the wrong product in hands, and then wishing to buy a new one, thus saving you both money and time.

To get a broad generalized idea about the many products in the market and for you to choose the best product that fulfills your needs and requirements, we have come up with our list of the best loading ramps 2019. This list contains the top-notch loading ramps in the market which you can select from as well as a purchase if you find it suitable. All the products in this list differ in their features so everyone can get the best loading ramp for their choice, which obviously will fit their needs and requirements.

Well, let’s not wait anymore and dig in…

Clevr 3-inch Aluminum Wheelchair Loading Ramp:

This 3-inch aluminum wheelchair is a great skidding wheelchair which provides increased power and support to Clevr 3-inch Aluminum Wheelchair Loading Rampanything that you put it to. They not only provide a sense of utmost convenience but also gives you access to the porches, landings as well as the curbs. Every 31 inches of this loading ramp has a beautifully carpeted floor which provides the maximum durability that is possible. The grit coat surface is perfect for any condition as well as is perfect for putting any weight on it. The 31 inches diameter of this ramp is also perfect for wheelchairs in case you need it for that purpose.

The sturdy construction of this loading ramp lets it take up the capacity of about 600 lb. There are safety pins for both lockings as well as for attaching this equipment. With such a weight durability range, this loading ramp provides the utmost durability expected from it.

This loading ramp is not only lightweight, but it also has the most easily manageable design. It is extra wife to fit in most of the things as well as it can be folded to make things easy for carrying from one place to the other.


Most of the competitors of this wheelchair are less than 30 inches while this one stands at 31 inches which makes it extra wider and better, better for wheelchairs and many other things. This wheelchair is made with a high grade of steel for optimum level of performance and to fit the basic requirements as well.

This loading ramp is featured with the highest capacity and high durability surface to efficiently and easily carry the products that you need to carry through it. This ramp also has a bottom grip which provides extra ease and convinces to the user. Its foldable design was actually made to make the process of transportation very easy and convenient.


  • This ramp is extra wide with about 31 inches which is higher than its competitors. It has a wide, it is 36 inches long, and is designed for both as manual as well as for power wheelchairs to easily make a reach to the porches, landing, and curbs and the high traction grit coat surface makes that very easily possible.
  • According to the ADA recommendation, this 36-inch-long ramp is perfect to be used for height that is less than 6 inches in height.
  • It rises from the ground and the maximum height rise is 10 inches for the for unoccupied wheelchairs and scooters.
  • It also includes safety pins as well as a built-in carrying handle
  • This loading ramp can be folded at about 16 inches
  • It is a perfect example of high quality and portable loading ramp.
  • It is made with durable aluminum and it supports up to 600 lb.


  • It has an amazing design.
  • It is much wider than other brands in the market thus making it a great choice
  • It can support high weights and still manages to be so lightweight.


  • Securing it is a problem


Pet Loader XL Loading Ramp

This pet loading ramp is easy to use and easy to store with its attractive and beautiful design which can withstand anyPet Loader XL Loading Ramp weight that you give it. You can easily put your dog into it and carry him inside your SUV or any other place.


  • There will be no injury to the dog or even to you
  • It can easily be folded, carried as well as stored
  • This loading ramp has a Low angle of ascent and descent, it also has wide decks which eliminates the fear in your pets.
  • It weighs about 39 lbs.
  • It is best for 29 inches to 40 inches vehicle height.
  • It is suitable for large dogs
  • It is ultra-light in its weight and can be easily carried.


  • The steps of this product are designed really well
  • The build quality of this product is very high
  • Your dogs will not fear this product.


  • Steps can sometimes be less

Big Horn Loading Ramp 2019

Choosing ramps can be difficult to find, but this loading ramp makes sure it takes all your fears and doubts away. It isBig Horn Loading Ramp 2019 extra safe, extra light and extra durable in the most perfect condition possible. You will be calm as long as you have this one by your side.


  • This best loading ramp 2018 is the most durable ramp ever. It is made with aluminum which is heavy duty and has a capacity of carrying almost 1200 lbs. Which lets even the most extreme case ATV’s load swiftly in your truck.
  • It has a compact folding design
  • It is also very safe and secure and contains rubber coated tongues at the end of the ladders.
  • It is lightweight and easily carried.
  • Load your things effortlessly in your truck with this loading ramp.


  • Carries even the heaviest of weights
  • Load things with zero effort in your truck
  • Has a strong, durable, designed surface


  • Bolts need to be tight

Aluminum 5900 LB Loading Ramp

This is a heavy-duty loading ramp which is made with aluminum and genuinely durable for any type of condition andAluminum 5900 LB Loading Ramp any type of weight that you put on it. This durable ramp doesn’t even care about the weather when it comes to performance, it resists everything in its way of performance. Have things easily done with no worries when it comes to using this ramp.


  • It has a 14 inches narrow width
  • It is made with heavy-duty aluminum to stand out between the harshest conditions
  • The ends provide a much better grip to this loading ramp so you can be safe and sound
  • It is perfect for cars, SUVs, etc.


  • It is very sturdy, lightweight and extremely easy to carry
  • You can use these ramps for a variety of cars and still not be disappointed


  • This product has no major cons

Heavy Duty Loading Ramps

This heavy-duty ramp is on its way to make your things easy and better with it surpass quality design. It is so durable it can carry heaviest of weight and still manages to be very light and sturdy. It also has a very beautiful aluminum Heavy Duty Loading Rampsdesign which is safe for any weather condition so that you and your things can be safe no matter what the situation is.


  • The dimensions when it is unfolded are 89″ X 12 inches. When it folds it is to 46″ X 12″ X 7 inches.
  • It is a single ramp but has a large capacity of 1500 pounds.
  • The pair of this ramp can hold 3000 pounds which are evenly distributed
  • It also includes safety straps to secure the ramp to the truck or the trailers.
  • It is made with rust proof and lightweight aluminum
  • These folding ramps will make loading very easy for you.


  • You can easily handle these ramps
  • Perfect for loading and unloading
  • Looks and feels really good


  • Does not come with proper instructions

Ultra-Tow Non-Folding Best Loading Ramps 2019

This loading ramp is all you need to fulfill your needs and requirements with class material and beautiful design.Ultra-Tow Non-Folding Best Loading Ramps 2019


  • This loading ramp has an arched ramp design for easy loading
  • It can withstand weights of about 3000 lb.
  • The load capacity per pair is 1500 lbs. per ramp
  • Each ramp measures 12 inches in weight x 90 inches in length
  • It is made with welded aluminum


  • It is made with high-grade material
  • Can withstand extra weights
  • Perfect for cars


  • Needs extra care

Tru Grip Aluminum Motorcycle Ramp

This heavy-duty best loading ramp 2019 is one of the very few best loading ramps on market which can take even theTru Grip Aluminum Motorcycle Ramp harshest materials and load them to your required destination.


  • It is made with high quality and highly durable, lightweight aluminum
  • It can withstand a weight of 1,500 lbs.
  • The total weight capacity per pair is 750 lbs. and together is 1500 lbs. As
  • It has a measurement of 7.5’L x 12” W
  • It is great for loading lightweight motorcycles or dirt bikes.


  • Enjoy quality material with the most durable design
  • Perfect for dirt bikes and motorbikes of lightweight
  • Amazing surface


  • It is too large to fit at times.

8 Foot Dog Pet Loading Ramp

This pet loading ramp is all you need to make your pet go up a certain place with increased confidence. The wide8 Foot Dog Pet Loading Ramp width of this ramp will make sure the transfer is smooth.


  • It is made to load your pet perfectly into the van or any other vehicle.
  • It also features a 15-inch-wide non-slip loading surface.
  • It is convenient to carry and handle.
  • It is made with the most durable rust proof, lightweight aluminum.
  • This folding ramp will make sure it loading your pet easy.


  • Loads even the heaviest of pets
  • Made with the most durable aluminum.
  • Easy operation


  • Needs to be handled carefully

Solvit PetSafe Long Telescoping Pet Ramp

Make you handling and carrying easy with this best loading ramp 2019 and watch your pet’s world transform as it Solvit PetSafe Long Telescoping Pet Rampdoes the everyday things for you without wasting your time.


  • This loading ramp is wide enough for large dogs
  • It is also wife enough to reach SUV bunker.
  • It can hold a weight of about 300-lb.


  • Keeps things simple yet easy
  • Saves you a lot of time
  • Perfect for dogs


  • Holds a moderate weight.

Pet Safe Solvit Deluxe Loading Ramp

There is no need to worry about the hassle that your pets create with this loading ramp right here. It can withstandPet Safe Solvit Deluxe Loading Ramp even the naughtiest and heaviest of pets with its extra durable and wide design. It will help your pets reach their destination with confidence.


  • It weighs so light you can actually carry it around and transport it anywhere you like
  • The raised rails on every side help your pet feel more secure
  • It is made with durable material to provide safety to you and your pets
  • It is adjustable.


  • This product is loved by many users because it is user friendly
  • It keeps things simple and easy
  • Lightweight design


  • Width is an issue for large pets.

Final Verdict Best Loading Ramps 2019

According to our speculations and assumptions, we think that Clevr 3 Inch Loading Ramp is the best loading ramp 2019. It is so because this ramp is an ideal choice for everyone to use, be it, anyone, you can use this ramp for multiple purposes, it fulfills all the requirements needed for a sturdy and best loading ramp. Plus, it is much wider than other competitors in the market, it looks light and beautiful and feel much lighter and can carry quite a lot of weights. It Is also durable because it contains two grips to maintain its form so that you are in safe hands.

Well, guys, this was all about the best loading ramps 2019, we hope that you found our article useful and full of information according to what you had in mind. The market though is saturated with many products but these products will help you get the right things you need in a loading ramp.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments bar below, until next time, with another article, Adios!

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