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Best Gaming Laptops 2019 [Gaming Laptops Review]

Gaming has become one of the most important things in today’s era, If we look around, everyone loves to game, some people can’t even live without it, but for gaming you need a proper set up and a proper gadget else gaming will be no fun as you will have to deal with issues like being stuck, slowing down etc. Having a powerful gaming equipment e.g gaming laptops are necessary if you want to enjoy a hassle-free and advanced game. So here is our experts picked experts reviewed Best Gaming Laptops for 2019

In this Best Gaming Laptops Review:

The Importance of Having Best Gaming Laptops

Picking up the best gaming laptops too is the key to the joy. You just have to invest time and do proper research before you actually buy the best gaming laptops in 2019 since the market is full of gaming laptops that you can get, but how do you know which one is right for you? We will tell you just that. In today’s article, we will tell you all about the best gaming laptops, how you can buy yourself a laptop according to your needs, what to look for and consider etc. We also have our own list of the best gaming laptops out there.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Laptops 2019

 Now depending upon your budget and the mind of games you like to play, it is likely for you to spend from around $800 to almost $5000 on a gaming laptop of your choice. If you need to get a laptop, make sure it runs heavy games because games keep getting advanced and advanced and you would need something that can keep going with the run.

  • If you are on a budget, we would recommend you avoid the touchscreen laptops because they tend to drain a lot of energy (battery life) from your laptop and also are hell expensive.
  • Even though the 17 to 18 inches laptops are really hard to carry and are less portable but let me tell you that they do an amazing job when it comes to gaming while the ones that are 13 to 14 inches may be highly portable and fun to carry around or show off, they lack many of the important high-end components where if you are a gamer, you come at a loss.
  • Also, you need to make sure that the keyboard of the laptop is extremely sensitive and soft to the touch. After doing your research it is best to visit a nearby store and try out the features of the laptop and see if you really like it, checking the keyboard too is an important aspect to the key towards a better gaming laptop. Also check if your keyboard has a proper backlit and offers customization, mechanical keyboards these are really a thing.
  • The GPU comes next when looking for the best gaming laptops The Nvidia 10-series GPUs are very common in laptops these days while in older versions we would normally have others. The laptops with a Nvidia GPU are much more easy on heavy games because they are powerful, faster and VR ready.
  • When it comes to the display of the gaming laptop, we recommend you do not buy a gaming laptop which has a display less than 1920 x 1080p because games need high resolution to see properly and for you to enjoy.
  • You also need to invest in your SSD so that games can take less time in the installation and load easily. Getting a solid state storage is a must.
  • Next up, cutting things in short, you need to have a gaming laptop with at least an Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor, a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 GPU and HDMI 1.3 port if you really want to be able to enjoy the virtual reality games with an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.
  • Let’s talk about the portability when it comes to the portability of a laptop. You need to know that gaming laptops are mostly very less portable. The reason is that these laptops carry heavy material inside that you need for gaming. If you get a laptop which is 13 to 15 inches, you may have an easy access to portability but it will lack the very important components of gaming. So if we speak in terms of the power of a gaming laptop, the much more powerful it is, the less portable it will be.
  • A laptop should have an efficient heat generating system since you will be using it for much more heavier games to have this feature a laptop would be around 18 inches. If you want a gaming laptop much smaller than that. It is going to be quite unlike your expectations.
  • Audio is another thing you should be wary of when it comes to buying the best gaming laptop, you need beautiful and HD sounds, most of the time we even have our headphone on, but when we don’t. Make sure you have a good speaker.
  • Also, Choose a core of at least 6 generation as compared to older models which will not suit the latest gaming trends. Intel Core i5 is the most slowest GPU in gaming laptops that you should be considering. Also, it is better to choose a quad-core processor instead of a dual core for faster and amazing process.
  • When looking for a laptop, it is recommended no to look for any RAM which is less than 8 GB however we strongly recommend you to use 16 or above to get faster results and decrease the clock time as it matters a lot.
  • Buy SSD over HDD. Faster results again.
  • The overall look of the gaming laptop can be glossy or matte according to your preference.
  • Always look for trusted brands to buy your laptops from as getting one from an authentic source can risk you a lot.
  • Now depending upon your preferences you can easily get a gaming Laptop with these features in the market. Some may lack these features some may have all. But again your preferences matter.
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How to Take Care of Your Gaming Laptop


Keep it away from fluids And Food

Keep your laptop away from fluids because we all know that once they spill, it can ruin your laptop for good. Also, food particles tend to make your laptop dirty.


Avoid Contact with Dusty Areas

Keep your laptop away from the dirty areas, it is so because the small dirt particles go into the laptop and affect the performance of GPU in the long run. You obviously do not want that which is why it is best to keep your laptop away from all the hassle.


Clean It Up

Every time you wake up or go to sleep, have wipes nearby and clean your laptop to keep it looking the way it looked when you first bought it. It is also best if you do not want extra germs on your hands.


Make a proper Setup or place for it

Try to keep a proper place for your laptop in your home or room because if it does not have a proper place you may end up damaging your laptop some day or your back or pull a muscle 🙂


Keep away from the Reach of Children

Keep your laptop away from the reach of children, not only can they end up hurting themselves but you can also be at a risk of losing your laptop. Children tend to be playful and clumsy towards things which is why it is best to keep such laptops away from their reach.


Have an Antivirus On Your Laptop

The most important thing is the presence of an antivirus on your laptop, if you have an antivirus on your laptop you may be safe from so many hackers and other malicious software out there that can actually be very threatening.


Say NO to Animals around this baby

Do not use your laptop in the same room as animals because animals are playful and can harm your laptop.

Take the Performance of Your Gaming Laptop To New Level

 Small steps and little attention with some affection can make your Gaming Baby stronger and faster than others.

Keep it clean and Free of Dust:

Rule number one as we mentioned earlier is the importance of a free of dust laptop. No dust means no particles entering your laptop thus no entrapping of the particles causing you to have a slow GPU. Also, clean your laptop to prolong its life.


Keep it Away from Harsh Temperatures

Keep your laptop away from harsh temperatures to get the most out of it. This is so because if you have your laptop where you have a high temperature, there will be a direct effect on the GPU of the laptop this causing it to become very slow and affect the performance of your laptop in the long run.


Update Your Drivers

Long story short, the concept of it does not matter if you have the right drivers installed except you are a hardcore fan has failed. To have more out of your PC or laptop you need to have a proper set of drivers installed on your laptop. So no matter what OS you have, if you want your laptop to perform better, you should have the latest version of drivers installed.


DirectX Latest Version Should be Installed On Your Gaming PC

It is a collection of some software tools that enhance the graphics of a video game, DirectX is a vital thing when it comes to gaming on Windows, also on the Xbox consoles. Different versions of DirectX have seen release over the years.  The last version of DirectX to run on Windows XP was DirectX 9.0 which was launched in 2015, DirectX 12 is the latest version, and you should have it installed on your computer.


Overclock Your GPU

Force some more power out of your Graphics card for which tools are available for both Nvidia and AMD but you should be an expert to do that. Overclocking the Graphics card means the use of more electricity so you have to manage your power sources. Have your laptop connected to a source all the time.


Managing Power Sources

In order to have your laptop function fully in those heavy games, you need to have charge 24/7 and mostly not let the battery own your laptop since we are looking for an improved laptop performance.


Employ The Game Mode in Windows 10

If you tend to have a windows 10 then you would know that it has a gaming mode in there. Increase you have deleted it, install it again if you are a gamer since it really enhances the overall performance of gaming laptops when gaming.


Background Apps Should be Closed

Your laptops performance will automatically increase if you close the background applications at once when gaming. Background application uses necessary power and energy in simpler terms.


Network’s Speed Should be Kept in Consideration

The speed of your local network is also something which can affect or enhance the overall performance of your gaming laptop and help you get the most out of it. Online gamers should always have the most speedy network connection with no downloads or other users running on it. In other words, If you have a good local connection your games will go smooth and there will be no issues of lagging.


Install the System Updates As Soon As Possible

System updates can be a pain sometimes since they just pop up out of nowhere and decrease the performance of your laptop if you have things in control you can bypass that. First thing is to keep your system offline, but you can’t always do that so it’s better to install your gaming laptop right away with the latest updates available and avoid unnecessary trouble


Adjust the Display Settings of Your Gaming Laptop

It is finally time you also keep a check on your Laptops display settings, as it takes your gaming performance to a whole new level. Check out the texture settings on your gaming laptop and set them according to your preference to get the most out of your gaming laptop.

Things to Consider before buying Your Best Gaming Laptops


Know your Budget

Before you buy your laptop it is important to know your budget, what you are going to buy and in how much price. Remember to always cut the coat according to the cloth. Manage your budget first of all.


Know what you want

Search up the internet for various laptops and gather your information, then decide what you would like on your laptop according to your preferences and priorities. It will help you know what you want in a gaming laptop.


Have a proper setup

Before you bring your gaming laptop to your house make sure that you have a proper setup and a proper place built up for it. Plan ahead of everything that you will do to keep your laptop safe and in good condition.

Buy Best Gaming Laptops of 2019 Online

All thanks to the internet and the latest technology out there that you can choose and buy the laptop of your dreams right from your home with the click of a single button. There is absolutely no need to spend extra energy going from shops to shops to look for what you want when you can do the whole research online and buy it with the click of one button.

So if you want to buy Best Gaming Laptops 2019 then stick with us because we have got more for you. We have compiled a list of top-notch laptops on the market for you so that you can get the best gaming laptops of your dreams.

Let’s get going…


Best Gaming Laptops 2019 Review


Immerse yourself further into your game with the stunning 15.6 inch display within a 14 inch body. Smaller just got more powerful.

It is powerful and easy to carry, you can now game easily with MSI’s new ultra thin GS65 Stealth Thin gaming laptops. Enjoy a fluid gameplay with MSI stunning IPS level 144Hz 7ms display.


  • Display is 15.6 inch FHD, it also has a 4.9mm Ultra Thin Bezel Anti Glare Wide View Angle 144Hz 7ms 72% NTSC 1920×1080 16:9 |
  • Operating System is Windows 10
  • Processor is the new Intel Core i7 8750H 2.2
  • Features an amazing 4.1GHz (6 Cores) Graphics Card (NVIDIA GeForce)
  • Max Memory 8/ 32GB
  • Storage is 256GB SSD
  • Special Features:
    • Ultra Thin Bezel
    • VR Ready
    • Steelseries Per Key RGB
    • Has a Customizable Keyboard
    • It is Thunderbolt 3 Ready


  • Versatile
  • Amazing display quality
  • A combination of both powerful and portable
  • A little heavy


The new 14 inch  Razer Blade strikes the perfect balance between power and portability. Experience streamlined performance with the latest 7th Generation Intel Core i7 Quad Core processor. Get more faster, and much smoother and detailed gameplay with the powerful performance of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics.


  • It supports the latest Intel Core i7-7700HQ Quad Core Processor
  • Desktop-Grade NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, 6GB GDDR5 VRAM Graphics
  • Has an Incredible 14.0 inches IPS Full HD (1920×1080) Matte Display
  • Also features an anti ghosting Keyboard Powered by Razer Chroma
  • Has 256GB/512GB PCIe SSD storage


  • Powerful, perfect and portable
  • Battery life is good
  • Crisp image display
  • Speakers are often too loud


Face the new virtual challenges with this 17.3 inch Dell Alienware gaming laptop.

It is VR ready and has an NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card which lets you explore open-world environments seamlessly, and its 256GB solid state and 1TB hard disk drives gives a high-performance storage.

This Dell Alienware gaming laptop make sure it handles the high bandwidth activity thanks to its Intel Core i7 processor and the 16GB of RAM.


  • Windows 10 Home
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB dedicated graphics
  • It is 8th Gen Intel® Core i7 8750H processor
  • Has a 17.3 inch display
  • Offers a 16GB memory
  • Has 1TB hard drive
  • 256GB solid state drive
  • Bluetooth, HDMI output included
  • DVD/CD drive not included
  • Best laptop for the price
  • Works really well
  • Amazing design
  • Suprasess expectations
  • Rare software bugs


The AERO 15 breaks the technological barriers by opting a class leading 15 inch 5mm bezel display. Credit goes to the ultra thin bezel, the AERO 15 offers a greater display without increasing the chassis size.

The AERO 15 comes with the latest 7th generation intel Core i7-7700HQ processor. It comes with a 10% increase on the previous processor and added HEVC10b and VP9 high definition encoding and decoding capabilities.

This processor still manages 3times lesser battery consumption in 4K video playback, meaning that professionals can focus on the creation like never before.


  • Has a 7th Gen. Intel Core i7 Processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GDDR5 6GB
  • 512GB M.2 SATA SSD, 2 M.2 SSD slot,
  • Type 2280, it supports NVMe PCIe X4 & SATA)
  • DDR4 2400
  • Has a RAM of 16GB, 2 slots, max 32GB
  • Good cooling system
  • Suprass performance
  • Quality build
  • Matte screen
  • Not too much bulky
  • Fingerprints show easily on the surface


The Eluktro Pro N870HK1 is a high performance gaming PC by Eluktronics which includes premium top notch  components & hardware as the standard features. This powerful laptop is ready to be taken on any challenge, including the most demanding AAA titles these days, with Nvidia’s latest Pascal graphics.

It has solid state drive paired with Intel’s 7th gen Core i7 CPU which will breeze through thr workloads. It also has an IPS full HD display and it offers a pristine picture with vibrant colors.  Eluktronics proudly presents this quality PC with fast & clear US based customer support.

  • It is a 7th Gen Intel® Core i7-7700HQ
  • Has a 2.8GHz/3.8GHz Quad Core Processor
  • It supports Genuine Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
  • 4GB GDDR5 VRAM Nvidia® GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Graphics
  • Has a 16GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM
  • It has a 17.3 inches Full HD IPS LED Anti Glare Display (1920 x 1080)
  • It includes 1 HDMI, 2 Mini DisplayPorts, 1 USB 3.1 Type C
  • 512GB (500GB OP) Performance SSD
  • FHD 2.0MP Webcam
  • Intel Wireless AC 8265
  • Bluetooth® v4.2
  • It supports full size RGB Color Backlit Keyboard,
  • It has the Sound Blaster® Cinema 3 Audio
  • Supports Gigabit LAN,
  • Has a 1 Year Warranty
  • Desktop like laptop
  • Overall awesome laptop
  • Build quality is high
  • Strong laptop
  • Speakers are so so


The new Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming laptop is a powerful laptop which is made to fulfil the needs of enthusiasts. It has one of the Dell’s most aggressive performance designs and components offered within the Inspiron Gaming laptop family. This laptop has next level graphics, the all new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics with Max-Q Design Technology as well as 6 GB GDDR5 video memory delivers a very crisp, clear and detailed gameplay. Witness ann unparalleled viewing experience, see everything on screen with stunning clarity and a superior color richness thanks to IPS FHD display. It is equipped with anti glare panels to create a wider range of environments.the sound on this laptop is just great, now you can enjoy every beat of the action with the improved clarity thanks to two front firing speakers powered by Waves MaxxAudio Pro.


  • It is 7th Generation Intel Core i5 7300HQ
  • Has a Quad Core processor up to 3.5 GHz, 6MB Cache
  • 8GB 2400MH DDR4 which is expandable up to 32GB,
  • It features 128 GB (SSD)
  • Has 1 TB 5400RPM SATA (HDD)
  • Supports No ODD
  • It has an amazing display of 15.6 inch FHD (1920 x 1080) an IPS Anti-Glare LED Backlit Display
  • High build quality
  • Amazing performance for the price
  • Amazing graphics
  • Also good for work
  • Keyboard not so great


The new Aspire E Series laptops will give you a comprehensive range of choices for every day using, it has many appealing features and also has an attractive design aesthetic that exceed expectations.

It gives an Incredible performance, fast 802.11ac wireless with new MU MIMO technology and has a great battery life that makes the Aspire E series a good choice in any situation


  • This laptop is a 7th Generation Intel Core i3
  • Has a 7100U Processor,2.4GHz, 3MB L3 cache.
  • 6 inch full HD widescreen comfortable view LED backlit Display that supports the Acer ColorBlast technology
  • Has a memory of 4GB DDR4
  • 1TB 5400RPM HDD
  • Supports Windows 10 Home
  • Up to 12 hours of amazing battery life
  • On a good budget
  • Has a good processor
  • Overall a great laptop
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Amazing charging adapter
  • Non removable battery


  • It has a 7th Generation Intel Core i7-7700HQ Processor Up to 3.8GHz
  • Has a 17.3 inch Full HD, 1920 x 1080, widescreen IPS display with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 with 8 GB of dedicated GDDR5 VRAM
  • Has a memory of 16GB DDR4
  • 256GB SSD RAID 0
  • 1TB HDD
  • Also has Windows 10 Home
  • Amazing build quality
  • It is Powerful
  • It has a Good battery life
  • Some people do not like the look of the keyboard but if its okay with you go for it.


This laptop is made with the latest technology and a massive amount of storage, the Pavilion Power laptop is the go to Launchpad for creating by day and kicking into high gear by the night.


  • The processor is 7th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ
  • Processor is Quad-Core, 2.8GHz and up to 3.8GHz; it has quite a powerful performance and keeps up with the demands of your multitasking and also it enables new ways to interact with your PC.
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 video graphics (2GB GDDR5 dedicated) Now you can transform your laptop into a creative powerhouse for the visually demanding apps.
  • Display is 15.6-inch diagonal Full HD (1920×1080)
  • IPS anti-glare WLED backlit so you can enjoy vibrant, crystal clear images with 178 degree wide viewing angles.
  • Memory is 8GB DDR4 SDRAM
  • It is designed to run more efficiently and more reliably at faster speeds.
  • Hard drive and solid state drive is 1TB 7200RPM Serial ATA and 128GB PCIe NVMe M.2 solid-state drive
  • It has a fast boot up time, gives snappy responsiveness, and has a large storage capacity
  • It is much more productive. The windows 10 is the best for bringing ideas forward and getting things done.
  • Battery life is Up to 11 hours and 30 minutes (mixed usage),it is up to 8 hours and 15 minutes in the video playback and has a lithium ion polymer battery,so you can get the thin device that you want without sacrificing for the battery life.
  • Lightweight
  • Great battery life
  • Amazing graphics
  • Speakers are good but not amazing type


Alright guys! We hope that you found our article informative, in case of any queries, let us know in the comments bar below, we would be happy to help. Until next time with another article, off we go.