Best Floor Lamp 2019 – Buyers’ Guide and Review

Floor lamps, without any doubts, are the most beautiful things that can happen to your house or so, the reason behind this is the way they lighten things up, I mean just put it in a corner and watch your whole space transform into something magical. Floor Lamps have the ability to turn one dark and dull place into an amazingly enlightened place worth noticing. Simply put a floor lamp in the dark and unnoticed corners of your house and have people notice them every time they take a glance at the lamp. Floor lamps serve a variety of needs and functions and two of them are very basic, that we all should be aware of.

  • For the purpose of creating light, that type of the light which you want. It can be for a certain place or an event, it also performs its function in creating the best light for an activity like book reading, studying, romantic dinners etc.
  • Secondly, floor lamps, as said earlier are used for the purpose of adding beauty to a specific place. Be it your house in your living room or in your office or in the study room or any other place that you like and as said earlier; not only will it create the optimum level of light that you need, it will add more beauty, magic and attention to the dark and dull corners of that specific place thus making it more likely to be in people’s attention just like the rest of the room.
Best Floor Lamp 2019PriceWeightLight Recommended Usage
Stone and Beam Lamp

8.6lbWarm yellowBedroom and Living Room
Bright TechCarter Lamp

12 lbs.Warm WhiteLiving room as well as bedroom
AAron 3 light Floor Lamp

8 lbs.Warm YellowLiving and room and study/ Work purposes
Jordan Floor Lamp

6 lbs.Cool WhiteBedrooms
Normande Lighting Best Floor Lamp 2019

9.4 lbs.Warm YellowLiving Room and Study
Marlowe Floor Lamp

8 lbs.Warm YellowLiving rooms and bedrooms
Dawson Floor Lamp

14 lbs.Warm YellowGood for reading
Awkey Floor Lamp

4 lbs.Cool whitePerfect for focused based tasks
Jenson Brass Lamp

14 lbs.Warm YellowGood for studying
Bingham 3-Light Floor Lamp

6 lbs.Warm YellowBedroom and living room

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying Floor Lamp

After the appropriate uses of the best floor lamps, 2019 comes the factors you should consider before you are planning to buy the best floor lamps 2019. Let’s all agree that everyone these days is in dire need of a source of light especially in the night time in their rooms other than the normal wall or roof light fixtures. Because not all the time do you want the bright light to keep hitting you, some people too need a floor lamp because they want more light to be focused in one place for doing a specific task. A few of the main factors that we thought everyone should know before buying the best floor lamps 2019 are as below

  1. You should know the type of light you need. With that being said, there are whole new varieties of lights and their types present in the market these days because of the increase in the need of people, some people need one source and type of light, other need another because the tasks vary. For example, you may need a different type of light for your bedroom, something that is much warmer and dimmer, likewise for your living room, a light is needed that is not only warm it moderately bright as well, your place should look lightened up with a beautiful For the purpose of studying, you may need a much brighter floor lamp which concentrates on one specific point to help you read and write things at a much faster level, for jewelry making or other minute detailing, you too need a fully white and bright floor lamp so that you can efficiently perform the work you are doing.
  2. The lumens of light also matters a lot when it comes to buying the best floor lamp 2019. A 2000k lumens lamp should be perfect for your living room within the right and normal conditions and perfect illumination. For a much brighter and an energetic atmosphere, you should also look into the best floor lamp 2019 under or in 3500k lumens. In your bedroom, you need a light that mostly keeps you alert and awake, for that very purpose you need a light low in intensity with a beautiful temperature which promotes comfort, trust and intimacy and cozy feelings. A 3000k lumen lamp is a perfect option in that range.
  3. For the purpose of reading or studying you need a bright, imaginative and an equally study loving environment, you also need alertness in that specific lamp, for that purpose 2700k to 40000k light is very important.
  4. You need to be sure of the type of light that you want to be in, i mean you can go for a warmer color and a cool tone color, the intensity of that light matters as well as we just mentioned. For your bedroom a low-intensity warm color is needed, for your living room you need lights of both high or low intensity in warm, to study a cool toned light is mostly preferred and for makeup, it is a free will, you can go with anything you like when it comes to makeup be it cool or warm but the intensity must be high for accuracy and elevated mood to awaken the diva within yourself.
  5. The portability, the size, the height and the overall shape of the best floor lamps 2019 is something that you should pay close attention to, Why? Because sometimes people do not concentrate on these dimensional factors and end up getting something that they never liked or wanted. One must be very careful about that as well. Some people like their floor lamps tilted or crooked to a side, some like them straight, others want them in a short height and some want them to be higher and taller. Attention should also be given to the amount of the lamps needed in a single floor lamp in order to promote the right intensity of light.

These were the factors on basis of which an ideal floor lamp 2019 can be selected, following them you will be close to the product you always wanted.

The market these days is filled with numerous products that claim to give the user a good time and meet their commands but we all know how most of them do not turn out to be exactly as they claim and that really disturbs a person and lessens their confidence in those things. For the purpose of avoiding such mishaps and scams, our team has come up with an idea to provide you with the list of  top 10 floor lamps 2019 available in the market these days so that you can get an idea of the best products out there and also make up your mind about purchasing them if that is what you intend on doing.

Let’s get going…

Stone & Beam Metal Best Floor Lamp 2019

Enlighten the dark and the dull corners of your living room and bedroom with this top-notch metal floor lamp that delivers an amazing design and makes sure it meets all your comforts.Stone & Beam Metal Floor Lamp


This floor lamp has an amazing style and design which meets all your lighting needs, the best thing about the design of this amazing floor lamp is that it is very beautifully incorporable in your living room or bedroom, it will mix up with the things as if it were a part of that place all along. With beautiful rounded linen wrapped around it, the four legs adds stability to the position of this lamp.


  • This lamp is totally inspired by the Art Deco, the lamp also has very bold features which means that it is stable and efficient.
  • This lamp has a four-legged base and an added white linen colored The design combination of this lamp piece will not only give you a handsome style but also good work.
  • It is a beautiful addition to your room and also provides you with the best light.
  • The Metallic legs look really prominent with a black finish to it and the white linen shade makes it an even better and a lavish combo.
  • Add it to your room for attractiveness and style.
  • It has a very simple and easy assembly
  • It is only intended to be used for indoor use.
  • Has a top quality and a lavish design
  • Best for indoor use in bedrooms
  • Much stable
  • Lampshade cloth quality was not liked by some people


Brightech Carter LED Mid Century Floor Lamp

With the belief that a good and an elevated design is to be available to everyone, this company started its sale and it is still going as the best sales company for floor lamps because of their manufacturing. Make your home a great place without having to have pesky things in your way like the price or the design or the beauty etc. This floor lamp solves it all. Easily throw a garden party or create your perfect reading space with this foot lamp.


The traditional design of this foot lamp makes it an even better choice to have. Due to its traditional design, this floor lamp becomes the center of attention no matter what the occasion is in your house, it also enables it to be the neutral color of the drum-like lampshade of this foot lamp will illuminate and give you a relaxing and a warm glow to create a comfortable ambiance in any room.

The lampshade of this lamp sits over the simple and the lavish style Eucalyptus Wood Finish Stem which is walnut in color and has those brass accents that carry a style and swag.

The traditional design of this lamp and its warm light will give you a very comfortable atmosphere which your friends and family will love and enjoy.


  • It is a perfect lamp for both your home as well as your office
  • It has an easy to read instructions diagram
  • The bulb produces 3000k light with a beautiful glow to it
  • It works with all switches and Alexa as well.
  • Easy to put together and manage
  • Comes in a very good packing
  • You will fall in love with the look of the lamp.
  • Too flat for some people to like

Aaron 3-Light Nickel Floor Lamp

Aaron 3-Light Nickel Floor LampMeet vintage style with a normal lamp which meets all your basic needs with its beautifully designed features and design.


This lamp combines a modern design with the vintage times and gives you the chills to actually enjoy the beautiful lightening if this sturdy and high-quality lamp. Its brushed nickel finish is one of the very fine thongs that gives its design a beauty




  • It is 64 inches high with a 10 inches base.
  • The lampshade is 6 inches high and 5 inches wide.
  • It uses three 40 watt or equivalent bulbs.
  • There is an on and off rotary switch on each socket.
  • You will love its bell shape even more in person and fall harder for it
  • Enjoy wonders of a mid-century lamp
  • Easy to carry around and fit anywhere you like
  • Not too much bright but okay

Jordan Brushed Steel Tree Best Floor Lamp 2019

Jordan Brushed Steel Tree Best Floor Lamp 2019This beautifully brushed lamp has everything that it takes for an ideal lamp. With its beautifully small design, it can fit anywhere like it was the part of your house and make those dark and dull corners gloom with light.


The sleek brushed steel finish makes everything beautifully glow. The pole’s design comes very brushed and is resistant to any scratches from the outside. The lampshade delivers a perfect lightning for reading and studying.


  • Includes 2 switches on the pole.
  • There is an On/off button for the top light plus a 4-position switch for the side lights.
  • It is a torchiere floor lamp with two-sided lights which are good for the purpose of for
  • It has a brushed steel finish resistant to abrasions.
  • It is made with metal
  • Adds beauty to the kitchen
  • Well packed and well-engineered
  • Gives a very subtle glow
  • A little heavy

Normande Lighting Best Floor Lamp 2019

The Normandy lightning 150 cord floor lamp is one of the best floor lamps out there in the floor lamp market. This floor lamp is not only efficient in ts function but also very safe and sound. The light quality that it provides exceeds Normande Lighting Best Floor Lamp 2019Normande Lighting Best Floor Lamp 2019expectation and can magically turn your dark and dull rooms into something great, something that you wish you had before.


This floor lamp has a brushed steel finish and thus that steel finish avoids any scratches and abrasions that it might be prone to. The beautiful lampshade looks even better in the warm light that it glows into your rooms.



  • This floor lamp is a 150W Torchiere lamp
  • This floor lamp is designed with a Brushed steel finish and the lampshade is made with plastic
  • It is 71 inches in Height.
  • This Lamp is meant to be made for the single wattage bulb from 100w, 150w.
  • It also has a rotary 3 way on and off switch
  • The design of this floor lamp is simple but it performs an amazingly great task
  • It is perfect for your bedroom and promotes coziness
  • Joints don’t completely join in some cases
  • Light is only good for bedrooms

Marlowe Woven Metal Floor Lamp

Marlowe Woven Metal Floor LampBrighten the corners of your room with the sturdy and stylish finish of this amazing lamp which is made with care by professionals. Inner shade is made with burlap pattern and the outer is woven for added brightness.






  • It needs 2 100-watt standard bulbs.
  • It has a bronze finish
  • It has a metal
  • It has an outer woven metal shade
  • The inner is made with burlap shade.
  • Looks very beautiful in a simple room
  • Easy to carry
  • Fits just about anywhere
  • Shade is very beautiful but a little dim

Dawson Dark Bronze Floor Lamp

Dawson Dark Bronze Floor LampUpgrade your standards with this classic pharmacy floor lamp in a bronze color and have it lighten up your whole space area. Enlighten the dark corners of your room or study well with this lamp.





  • Takes 1 60-watt standard base bulb.
  • On-off rotary switch included
  • It is a classic adjustable pharmacy floor lamp design
  • Dark bronze finish
  • It has a metal construction
  • Antique made
  • Enlightens your living room perfectly
  • Great for focus based works
  • It is a little heavy

AUKEY LED Floor Lamp

AUKEY LED Floor LampWith a simple design and an easy to use on/off control, this lamp can do things. With its simple form and black finish, this lamp promotes a beautiful and elegant look in your house.





  • It is easy to assemble and use
  • Has a sharp black color
  • It is highly flexible, adaptive and easy to assemble
  • It has a finely tuned lightening position
  • It is cost effective, which means you get a lot more than you pay for.
  • Best quality and best design
  • Affordable
  • Easy to manage
  • Makes each and every corner in the room look beautiful with its light
  • Very lightweight so needs a little care.

Jenson Brass Floor Lamp

Jenson Brass Floor LampThis traditional lamp will give you a perfect time reading and writing and also add an antique finish to your home.


This pharmacy lamp has a tent shade made with pure metal which creates a downward warm light which is perfect for reading or tasks related to it. The swing arm which is convenient lets you have an adjustable illumination with a diverse range of angles. The old brass finish gives the design of this lamp an old look.



  • 5 ½ inch deep x 3 inch high.
  • Weighs about 13 lbs.
  • Uses a maximum of 60-watt base bulb
  • 5 inches black cord.
  • Metal made
  • Purely made with metal
  • It has a beautiful and antique metal finish
  • The light is perfect for reading
  • A bit heavy

Bingham 3-Light Floor Lamp

Bingham 3-Light Floor LampWhen quality meets a class, this nickel floor lamp is born. With the amazing light, it delivers for both your bedroom and your living room it is one of the best floor lamp 2019.


With three lamps at each side of a beautifully brushed pole, this beautifully designed floor lamp makes everything easy to manage, the pole is made in such a way that it does not harm the stability of the lamp thus it cannot fall over you.

Meet a vintage style with a modern-day lamp and enjoy the best you can when it comes to the lightning.




  • It needs about 150 watt or equivalent bulbs.
  • There is an included On and off rotary switch to each socket.
  • Each and every head swivel at about 360 degrees with up to 180-degree
  • The metal base and the dome shades have a very beautiful and brushed nickel finish.
  • It has a beautiful 10 inches wide base
  • Beautifully made with the most beautiful upper shade
  • The 150-watt bulbs. gives you a great glow
  • Black finish signifies beauty
  • Out of the Box, assembly is Difficult

Final Verdict Best Floor Lamps 2019:

According to our speculations and assumptions and choosing ONE between the best floor lamps 2019 out there, we think that the STONE AND BEAM FLOOR LAMP is the best floor lamp 2019 in the market because of the affordability with the class it provides, it not only has a very good lightning and is also very easy to handle and carry around. It is also very sturdy with an easy to clean design, just take a cloth and have all the dust and dirt gone. If the corner of your house is small, it is so compact that it can still fit in so adjusting too is not a problem with this best floor lamp 2019. The material and hardware design of this floor lamp is outclassed and very durable since it is made with the best quality materials.

This was all about our article on the best floor lamps 2019, we hope that you found our article informative and full of information because, at the end of the day, a user’s ease and understanding about something they are buying is all that matters to us.

If you have any questions or queries, let us know in the comments bar below, we would be glad to answer.

Until next time with another article, Adios!

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