Best Electric Wine Openers 2019 [Wine Opener Reviews]

Need an easy way to open the resistant wine bottle? Manual wine openers may take some time to open the bottle of wine up and sometimes it gets a little hasty, that is why to make things quick and easy electric wine openers are becoming a trend these days as they make your job really easy, simple and mess-free and here is our list of the Best Electric Wine Openers

Buy Best Electric Wine Openers Online:

You can easily buy electric wine openers online these days with the click of a simple button. All you have to do is do some research and then get the right product for you. The best part about online shopping is the fact that you will not have to make extra efforts. Just purchase the product you want and have it delivered to your doorstep.

So if you are looking for a best electric wine which fits your needs, our article has a list of the best electric wine openers which you can choose from.

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1 –Secura SWO-3N Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener

Secura SWO-3N Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener:Introduction:

This wine bottle opener has a very stylish stainless steel handle which fits comfortably in the palm of the hand and the transparent shell that surrounds the corkscrew mechanism thus it eliminates any need for guessing when the cork has been fully removed from the bottle.

This opener is efficient at removing the cork within seconds. This wine opener has a built-in with a rechargeable battery, it can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge.


  • This cordless electric wine bottle opener is efficient at removing the cork in seconds.
  • Elegant charging base with blue LED light.
  • Only for use with North American Electrical standards 120V 60Hz AC
  • This stylish electric wine bottle opener has a Stainless Steel housing with a transparent shell that surrounds the corkscrew mechanism.
  • You need no guesswork.
  • Built in rechargeable battery is included
  • It opens up to 30 bottles on a single charge
  • Simple push button operation
  • Foil cutter included for the easy removing seals
  • Includes foil cutter for easy cutting
  • Built in rechargeable batteries
  • Removed corks in seconds
  • Opening takes a little time

2Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil


Oster Cordless Best Electric Wine Bottle Openers with Foil



This product is to fit all traditional wine bottles, this Best Electric Wine opener offers the same portable and cordless convenience like the other wine bottle openers.

With the added benefit of sleek presentation and its fast and effortless performance, it efficiently opens a bottle in a matter of seconds.

Its fast, zero effort cork removal ultimately means you have more time to spend with guests. Sipping wine or visiting with friends, this wine opener helps make it happen.


To use this electric wine bottle opener, you have to place it on top of a wine bottle, making sure that it remains in an upright position and not at an angle to the bottle.

A single operating switch makes sure of a foolproof operation from here. Simply press the lower part of the switch to start the process. The spiral corkscrew will turn to enter the cork, then it will gradually remove the cork from the bottle and stop once the cork has been fully removed from the bottle, then lift the electric wine bottle opener away from the bottle, and remove the cork by pressing the upper part of the switch. The will spiral turn in the opposite direction to open up the cork and you are done, happy pouring.

  • This cordless electric bottle opener removes the cork in seconds
  • It opens up to 30 bottles on a single charge
  • Features a simple push button for the operation
  • The foil cutter for easily removing seals is included.
  • It has a comfortable soft grip handle
  • It is sleek and has a sophisticated design.
  •  Recharging base is included
  • A very soft to hold handle
  • Sleek and sophisticated design
  • Efficient with its job
  • Too much pressure application can be dangerous for the machinery

3Uncle Viner Electric Wine Opener with Charger

Uncle Viner Electric Wine Opener with Charger


This electric wine opener is a brilliant gift idea for wine lovers. Be it their birthdays, weddings, Easter or graduation etc. This gift will amaze them and make them thank you.

  • This wine gift set includes 4AA batteries (NiMh)
  • Automatically  rechargeable
  • Corkscrew, Foil Cutter, Wine Pourer, A Vacuum Wine Stopper and a Charger, is also in included in this set.
  • With this electric wine opener, you can open a wine bottle in 7 seconds.
  • Cork can be easily removed from the corkscrew
  • Up to 80 bottles can be opened in one full charge by this kitchen gadget.
  • It is an elegant design for the wine enthusiast who admires new gadgets
  • This exclusive gift kit can be a perfect present for any occasion.
  • It’s very easy to use so it is a best variant of fun wine gift
  • Easy to use
  • Extreme charge capacity
  • Perfect gift
  • Free of cons

4Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener with Removable Free Foil Cutter


Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener with Removable Free Foil CutterDescription:

The Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener combines a European inspired cordless design with a new ultra fast rechargeable motor that opens up to 40 bottles, all on a single charge. With this Electric Wine Opener, opening a bottle of wine needs no effort at all, it is quick and entertaining.
The Nouveaux introduces a celebrated design thus incorporating elegant curves that allow it to stand vertically without the use of a separate base or a stand.
It is designed for home and restaurant use, the Ozeri Nouveaux Electric wine opener removes a wine bottle cork with the gentle push of a button.
Unlike other electric wine openers, it features a transparent corkscrew shell that makes the cork removal process fully visible.

  • It features a European inspired curved design that stands vertically without the need for a separate base
  • It has a patent pending easy release removable lid that converts into a foil cutter
  • It opens up to 40 bottles on a single charge, all with the single push of a button
  • It has a unique transparent shell makes the entire cork removal process visual
  • It Illuminates with a soft blue light when in use and while recharging that makes this Best Electric Wine Openers a futuristic and cool look
  • The unique transparent shell makes the whole process visible
  • Good battery life
  • Remove as charged as battery can be damaged
  • It is a perfect electric wine bottle opener and it does not take up any space.
  • it is efficient and has a durable component design
  • This Electric Wine Bottle Opener and foil cutter is very useful and a straightforward kitchen accessory.
  • Wine Opener is especially made of brushed stainless steel which is durable and equipped with blue LED light which turns on when in use.
  • Efficient and durable
  • Efficient at its job
  • Must have for all the wine lovers
  • Keep it away from the reach of children
  • It automatically cuts around the side of the can to eliminate the sharp and dangerous edges of the can thus creating an easily resealable lid with a very smooth edge.
  • It is great for keeping the food covered while preparing a meal.
  • You can simply mount the can opener on the can, press the button to turn it on and see the can opener swivel around the can and stop by itself when it is finished.
  • It easily lifts the cut soft edge lid and can opener from the can when ready to use.
  • It needs 2 new AA batteries.
  • It is also a perfect choice for people with arthritis or hand pain since it requires no manual labor or strenuous squeezing.
  • One touch opening
  • No labor is required
  • Perfect battery life
  • Excellent build quality
  • Continous Use is not Possible


Well guys, this was all about the Best Electric Wine Openers in the online market. We hope that you found our article informative and in your best interests, hopefully by now you know which product is the best for you. Let us know if there is anything on your mind, we would be happy to help, until next time with another article, we are signing off. Adios!