Best Basketball Shoes 2021 – Basketball Shoes Review

If you are a serious basketball player you are going to need a pair of the Best Basketball Shoes. It seems, in fact it is,  really hard for an athlete to choose a pair of sports shoes for him or herself. Because finding right pair with so many features and perfect style is way important to him or her. However, for a non-sports person, it would not cause much pain and they will easily and straightforward choose one of them. To help you make the right choice we have come up with this guide because finding the right combo to match the specific player needs is one of the challenging tasks of finding the best basketball shoes.

What to Consider Before Buying Best Basketball Shoes

Just before committing to a brand or before making a choice for you, what aspects to consider? Following are the tips

Larger players are in need of more support and cushion for their feet than do smaller players. Specific shoes for different size players are available but there are so many neutral shoes as well that suit all kinds.

Padding is the main thing to be considered that is used to provide different levels of response to the energy of your movements. It is way important for the comfort and cushion of the shoe.

Apart from cushioning, traction is incredibly important too. For the surfaces you will be playing on, you should have an outsole to provide you with a firm grip. Basketball shoes with softer rubber outsoles are designed for playing the indoor game as compared to those that are specifically designed for outdoor. They are, of course, more durable ones.

The material is something that comes first. A combination of leather, plastic-based synthetics, and other raw materials is used in the making of basketball shoes. And obviously, in turn, the placement and the amount of all of these materials will produce an impact on the comfort, look, and durability of the basketball shoe.

On what nowadays should be paid much attention to is durability. Apart from being durable in general, you need to buy a pair of shoes that is tough keeping in mind what kind of game you play whether just an indoor or an outdoor as well. Basketball shoes of different durability would be needed for a player that plays an outside game every day.

From the constant moving up and down the court, your foot is going to have or experience a high amount of shock. Specifically, because of that, all you would need to have is a pair of shoes that would help in preventing such kind of aggressive injuries and give you a lot of comforts as you run down the court. One such type of feature would be the breathable sleeve that is coated on it from inner and would give a comfortable feel like a sock. Apart from this, some of the components that really need to be considered are:

  • Interior design
  • Midsole components
  • Overall weight
  • Supportive materials

It is, of course, needless to say, that fit also requires at the time of playing a basketball comfortably. Fit, ok more specific, an optimal fit is really needed in game-specific shoes. These types of shoes are in so many ways different from the casual ones. Normally while purchasing a pair of shoe for basketball, people do mistake by comparing them with the casual shoes. Those shoes that do not provide the required fit are not required ideally for a game. An ideal fit is being provided whenever the foot is compressed a bit in order to provide support to the feet. It is supposed not to leave spaces aside from the thin gap that is needed between the foot and the inner shoe material in order to provide twist and rotation freely.

To obtain it, the key areas to be considered are:

  • Toe box
  • General width
  • Weight
  • Heel support

the impact is the thing that is always there whenever we specifically talk about the basketball game. And whenever there comes impact, there should also be some cushioning in its return. Cushioning is not just related to the comfortability. It is paramount to have it when a player is involved in a game as abrasive as basketball. Cushioning prevents your feet from the damage of residual energy that still reaches your feet even after absorbing the shock. The cushioning effect also helps to prevent your feet from the material that is being used inside the shoe.

Playing any hard game like a basketball will lead to the rapid sweating and hot feeling of your feet. All you need in such case is the best basketball shoe pair that can keep the interior of breathable so that you feel as much cool as possible while playing. Mining further, wearing shoes that give you a sense of heat would definitely ultimately cause skin rashes, irritation, and blistering. Here, in this case, the preferable material you should use is a breathable mesh. This helps in allowing more airflow into your shoes and in turn, keeps your feet even cooler during the game.

An arch is a part of the foot that potentially varies from person to person. Therefore it is impossible to design a basketball shoe of a specific arch feature that would fit all. To overcome this problem, normally a standard level arch support is considered that suits the people with no arch issues. In such cases, people with arch issues should buy themselves customized insoles.

While playing any intense game, ankles are highly susceptible to get injured. If you are a basketball player, you will get this point. You can get limited in the game due to one quick move with a lack of protection and in turn, you will suffer an ankle sprain. A great basketball shoe would definitely have this feature to protect your ankle from such kind of harsh injury like the mid top. Similarly, a well-molded collar would also give your ankle protection. At the same time, you also would not want to have a restricted movement because of too much ankle support. Take care of this thing too!

Well, flexibility is not a component of a shoe but is an integral part of each component of the shoe. Make sure that frame, upper build and the sole are flexible enough before shopping basketball shoes for you. It is the very basis of your shoes, if your shoes would lack it, you would not be going far in the game. This feature is inversely proportional to the support feature like as your shoe gets flexible, it loses support and therefore ultimately its shape. You, in turn, cannot hold the foot intact in one place. Among all, soles are the one that needs more flexibility. Without this feature, it would be nearly impossible for you to run.

What otherwise is important to keep in mind Regarding Best Basketball Shoes of 2021


A basketball player ought to consider the following personal aspects of his or her game and style too just before making a final decision about what to purchase:

Basketball shoes range somewhere from $30 up to hundreds of dollars. Obviously, he or she would buy his or her budget but players should also keep in mind the skill level of him or herself and purchase a specific pair of shoes accordingly.

Each player has its own weakness. The respective style of the shoe provides more support and comfort for the players with different weaknesses.

Fit means to tight. The fit of the shoe ought to be tight but comfortable and cushioned along with that. With the additional use of basketball socks, it is a bit difficult to achieve the combo for all players.

How to find the best basketball shoes that best fits your playing style

Now how to find one of the best basketball shoes that more suitability fits your style of playing, we have pointed out some of the important characteristics of basketball kicks

Style of the silhouette

Out there, there are three of the main basketball styles namely: Low tops, mid tops, and high tops. Basketball players the high tops for playing that used to completely cover the ankle of players. That is traditional. But these days, more and more players are choosing and wearing low-tops which look more like regular training or PT shoes. Let’s have a closer look at the style, pros, and cons of each of them.

These shoes give you maximum flexibility and are very light in weight usually. These are perfect for guards who do not want to put unnecessary bulk on their feet and want to feel quick on their feet. From the low tops, bigger and slower guys do not profit as much.

A hybrid between low and high tops is called mid tops. This kind of shoes provides a little bit from both worlds.
Flexibility and mobility are good, but along with that a decent amount of ankle protection and more stability is also provided by them. They are a perfect choice for the forwards or wings who do not need all the flexibility of a low top but at the same time also do not like the bulkiness of high tops.

This is how basketball shoes used to look like for a long time period. High Tops give a lot of ankle protection, support, and great cushioning effect. Fighting below the rim it is perfect for all those big guys looking for greater protection.
Now, as we have discussed what to look for when buying a new pair of basketball shoes, let’s have a quick look at the reviews of top 10 basketball shoes. We hope after reading this, you will be having information regarding a basketball shoe pair that best suits your need.

Let’s dive in!


  • They come in a variety of different colors.
  • They are synthetic.
  • They also bear a rubber sole.
  • Their shaft measures 3.5″ from the arch approximately.
  • Full range of motion through the ankle is allowed in low-top design.
  • A unique fit is provided by its breathable inner bootie.
  • For a locked down mid-foot, Flywire cables integrate with the laces.
  • They also bear a Phylon Midsole which provides soft cushioning for maximum comfort.
  • They have Zoom Air units in heel and forefoot.
  • They provide a full range of motion.
  • They have an inner bootie which is quite breathable.
  • They also provide a soft cushioning effect.
  • Zoom air units come up with yet maximum results.
  • They have so many attractive colors to choose from.
  • These are a bit small.
  • These are not much durable.
  • These have less traction effect.

2. Adidas Performance Men’s Isolation 2 Basketball Shoe

2. adidas Performance Men's Isolation 2 Basketball Shoe


  • They are available in White, Black, Metallic & Silver color.
  • They are of synthetic, synthetic leather and textile material.
  • They bear a rubber sole.
  • For breathability, they have perforated upper.
  • For comfort, they have padded collar.
  • For midfoot integrity, they have torsion system.
  • For cushioning they have EVA midsole.
  • For traction and durability, they have non-marketing outsole.
  • They are breathable.
  • They are comfortable.
  • They provide maximum cushioning.
  • They are durable.
  • They are of different attractive colors
  • Ankle support is not good enough.
  • They do not provide arch support.
  • They do not come in size greater than 13 or 14.


3. Nike Men’s Zoom Hyperflight Premium Basketball Shoe


  • They are available in amazing and attractive colors.
  • They are of synthetic material.
  • They bear a suede sole.
  • From arch shaft measures 3.75″ approximately.
  • They are attribute shoes.
  • They are Class Basketball shoes.
  • They have attractive colors to choose from.
  • They are a new arrival.
  • They are attribute shoes.
  • They are overall at the third position.
  • Arch support is good.
  • They are somewhat large.
  • These tab on toes.
  • Their bottom comes loose.

4. Nike Overplay VII (7) Mens Basketball Shoes

Nike Overplay VII (7) Mens Basketball Shoes: Features:Features:

  • They are white, white & metallic silver in color.
  • They have responsive build midsole.
  • They have a herringbone pattern providing superior comfort and traction.
  • In outplay, outmaneuvr and overpower the opposition these shoes will help you out.
  • They have a soft midsole.
  • They are comfortable.
  • They provide traction.
  • They are durable.
  • They also provide comfort.
  • These are a bit narrow.
  • Its handling is expensive.
  • It does not provide any arch support.

5. AND 1 Men’s Master 2 Mid Basketball Shoe


  • They are available in a variety of bright colors.
  • They are of synthetic leather and mesh material.
  • They have a rubber sole.
  • Its shaft from arch measures 6″ approximately.
  • They have an internal molded ethylene vinyl acetate midsole which provides superior cushioning.
  • Lateral or medial support is provided by raised midsole edges.
  • Additional heel comfort is provided by heel airbag design.
  • Breath ability and comfort are further increased with mesh tongue along with padding.
  • Colors are too attractive.
  • They provide superior cushioning.
  • They give you breathability.
  • They have an effect on comfort.
  • Lateral and/or median support is also provided by them.
  • Sizes run small.
  • The laces come undone often.
  • They are not much durable.

6. Reebok Men’s Royal BB4500 Hi Basketball Shoe


  • They are available in black, steel, white and Collegiate Royal color.
  • They are of leather and textile material.
  • They have a rubber sole.
  • They are of classic Reebok® branding and awesome style.
  • They have a padded tongue and collar.
  • For better ankle protection they have lace-up closure with a high-top design.
  • In a retro-inspired low sneaker style, they have a synthetic and leather upper.
  • They provide a better ankle protection.
  • They have decent colors to choose one for you.
  • They have a high top design.
  • They have awesome style.
  • They provide cushioning effect.
  • These run a bit small.
  • The inner sole is a bit hard.
  • Toe is narrow.

7. Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit Shoe Men’s Basketball

adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit Shoe Men's BasketballFeatures:

  • Colors are black, green, metallic and utility black.
  • A dynamic fit and lasting comfort are provided by its neoprene and breathable mesh uppers.
  • For total lockdown, it bears a wide lacing system.
  • It comes with a padded tongue and collar.
  • It also has an internal bootie construction that gives comfort.
  • It has a fabric lining that offers a great in-shoe feeling.
  • Its foam footbed is removable.
  • It has a total lockdown system.
  • It also has a smooth fabric lining.
  • Due to its internal bootie construction, you feel comfortable.
  • It has amazing eye-catching colors.
  • It has a breathable mesh material.
  • Arch support is not there.
  • These are lacking the ankle support.
  • Cushioning is not up to mark.

8. ANTA 2017 KT3 Mens Basketball Shoes


  • They own blue, orange and white.
  • They are made up of rubber material.
  • They are constructed with a breathable mesh upper.
  • For better anti-torsion, mega TPU supports shank at the midfoot.
  • A-StableUP tech helps you out to keep you protected from lateral movements.
  • It has an Anta EVE system that provides cozy wearing and boosts bouncing.
  • They are breathable.
  • They are comfortable.
  • They have an extraordinary ergonomic design.
  • They give you support.
  • They are available on market in different bright colors.
  • Ankle support is not there.
  • These shoes are not having arch supporting feature.
  • They do not provide much traction and cushioning effect.

9. Jordan Nike Men’s Air 12 Retro Low Basketball Shoe


  • They have colors like Black, White, Metallic Silver and Varsity Red.
  • They are made up of leather material.
  • They are of the rubber sole.
  • They have anodized TPU eyelets and on the tongue and heel embroidered details.
  • They also have a low-profile Phylon midsole.
  • Their traction along with carved midfoot flex grooves increases because of modified rubber herringbone built in it.
  • They have increased traction.
  • They are light.
  • They have attractive colors.
  • They have embroidered details.
  • They provide breathability.
  • These are not much durable.
  • They provide less support comparatively.
  • The cushioning effect is less.

10. NIKE Men’s Zoom KD9 Elite Basketball Shoe


  • They are available in great and attractive colors i.e. red and white.
  • Their sole is of rubber.
  • In order to lock the foot down, it has a midfoot cage for dynamic support and containment.
  • For stretch and stability, it has Flyknit on the upper.
  • For responsive cushioning, it has zoom air midsole unit.
  • It has flex grooves that help in working with the natural motion of the foot.
  • For grip and durability, it has a rubber outsole with multidirectional traction pattern.
  • They provide a multidirectional traction.
  • They are stretchable and stable.
  • They give a cushioning effect.
  • They are durable.
  • They help to work like natural movements of the foot.
  • They are snug, therefore, putting these shoes on feels a bit difficult.
  • They have limited colors variety.
  • They also lack arch support.

In this article, we have covered for you top 10 best basketball shoes. You can now according to your will and choice choose one best suits you. In case of any query, do comment below. We value your comment!