Basketball Playing Tips

Well, playing basketball is indeed one of the most time taking and mind taking games. Ask me how?

This game will prove time consuming because of the learning and then practicing it needs. While it is mind taking in the way that this game demands your attention and your skills.

You like basketball and you also want to be a good basketball player but how? This is the right place, you have just landed to. Stick to the article and get the most of it.

In this article, we have given you some stuff worth remembering for basketball. Below are listed the tips. Let’s dive in!

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Have a great practice of the shots that you would take in your game. Follow! Just stand still, catch the ball and shoot it. Repeat! Stand still, catch it, dribble it and shoot it. Now practice to catch while on your move and shoot it. Now catch while you are on the move and just focus and get involve into the dribble and then shoot at last. When shooting, make sure that you square up and get parallel to the basket. Both of your feet should be in the direction of and pointing at the basket, and consequently, your body ought to square up to it. The power, you have in the game, should come from your legs, and not from your arms. Also, follow-through on your shot. Be intense and practice like crazy. Do not get lazy, work very hard. But instead, if you half-heartedly just practice getting all your shots off, they would not be very much effective when a tough and strong defender is against you in a real game.


Now be alert! Fire much quick passes. Now if someone cuts, and you gave them a pass, make sure you are running and leading them to where they are running with the pass you gave, this way they do not have to slow down in order to catch it. Once you pass just keep on moving, this will ensure that you are some use in the play. Just cut hard to the basket once you fire a pass, with this hope that your teammate would fire a quick return-pass resulting in a layup. This is because your defender got relaxed for a second after you got rid of the ball. Start creating passing lanes, so that they can get hit you with a pass, when your teammate has the ball. In order to create targets, use your hands. Have your hand up so that the passer can hit it, if you make a cut.


Keep your head up while dribbling. You have not practiced enough, if you have to look down while dribbling. I would say dribble all over your town until you get used to it. Good print guards look forward and around while they dribbling, and not down. If you have to, just get down low but ensure you are looking at the floor while dribbling. You are not helping the team if you do not create something and score. Use both of your hands for dribbling.  One hand would always be stronger than the other of course, but you could pull off the basic moves with your weak hand at least. Observe good players and what they are doing with the ball and their bodies while they are dribbling the basketball.


Boxing out is another thing you need to do. Most players don not know how, or just do not do it. The other team has just a good chance to grab the board as you do, if the shot goes up and you do not know how to box out. When you are on defense, boxing out is essential at that time or else you would give up lots of offensive boards. Great rebounders would always box out. While playing defense, you should know where your opponents are. You should face the basket while boxing from the closest point, when a shot goes up. If in case you cannot, boxing out also makes it easier for your teammates to grab the rebound.


Your team can have a good psychological boost because of the quick lay-up in the opening seconds. Now, in a game that is almost close, two things like one additional possession and two extra points could be the winning difference. Just think that have your best jumper obviously jump center. Also, that have your players practice this against each other in order to find out who is the top ‘tipper’. Ad also that have your strong post player, 4 lined-up on the circle on the offensive end. Have your two quick players, 1 and 2 lined up at the half-court line on opposite sides. One player, who is number 3 would always stay back to prevent the opponent’s fast breaking in the game.

Number 1 and 2 players would quickly release up the sides into the forecourt as the ball goes up. But if they leave too soon because of whatever reason, the ball will be awarded to the opponent player.

Now coming back to play, the ball is tipped to the player number 4 who would immediately pivot and pass quickly, or would simply ‘redirect’ the ball to either player number 1 or number 2. For the opening lay-out, now you have a two in one fast break and also, a superb chance for the opening lay-up. Player number 4 and 5 are called ‘trailers’ in the game. Things may get backfire on you, and everyone must set for the defense, if the opponent gets the tip.

Above, we have given you few tips to be kept in mind regarding the basketball game. If you really want to play well and get through the game, all you have to do is read these above mentioned tips and try to set your team and game accordingly. We hope you find this article informative!